Hungarian Goose Down Pillow Review

Goose down pillows are famous for their extraordinary fluffiness, royal luxury, and incredible insulation. Some of the people prefer the goose down made in Hungary thanks to its reputation for consistent quality. Hungarian geese farmers make the strong commitment in sustainably creating the finest goose down in the world.

I.    The truth about the origins of goose down and Its Quality

Some manufacturers claim that their comforters or pillows are full of Siberian Goose Down, one of the most frozen regions in the world. The geese which can survive in such a hard weather will possess the best down ever.

In fact, the quality of the down has nothing to do with the cold where the geese grow up.

The majority of down are produced by Chinese. The rest are from European and American farmers. But none comes from Siberia.


The Siberian Geese are facing the risk of extinction. Thus, they are preserved by international organizations.

Siberian Geese

Additionally, according to the exportation report of Siberia, this territory annually provides a massive amount of fossil fuel like oil, gas, coal, timber and more than one-fifth of the planet’s clean water. Regarding agriculture and aquaculture, there’s no such thing like “Goose down exporter”.

In a nutshell, wise and picky shoppers should beware of the tag “Siberian Goose Down” and choose the down from Europe and America instead.

Unlike the unregulated, low-quality down and feather from China, the farmers from Poland, Hungary, United States and Canada are proud of their reputation for deluxe quality.

Besides how we harvest, filter, classify and sanitize the goose down, the FILL POWER is the most important factor which decides the quality of a down pillow or down comforter.

Higher the Fill Power, better the Goose Down

High quality down pillows come with high Fill Power.

Top rated down pillows possess such an admirable 800 Fill Power. Anything below 600 is considered the industrial quality.

Unfortunately, higher fill power, higher the price. In order to produce such a high-quality product, the manufacturers have to wait for their goose to get old. Raising, maintaining these animals for many years is very costly.

Additionally, Hungarian geese are capable of growing enormous. Huger the goose, better the down cluster.

That’s why Hungarian goose down pillows and comforters have become one of the must-have furniture in every elite’s house.

II.  What Is The Best Hungarian Goose Down Pillow?

Hungoose is absolutely the best Hungarian goose down manufacturer on the market.

HunGoose – the best Hungarian Goose Down Manufacturer

With more than 300 years’ experience in goose down realm, this company is dedicated to producing the long-lasting, heavy-duty, high-end goose down products certified by the National Hygiene Board.

The most interesting feature of HunGoose is how they harvest the raw material: they respect the animals and will not cause any pain or injury to the geese. They need their “companions” to be as healthy as possible in order to generate the best down ever, unlike the normal production methods that most of chinese goose down manufacturers apply.

The Fill Power can be up to 800 thanks to the large strong cluster white goose down filling harvested from the old huge and healthy geese. Besides thorough sanitization process, the raw material is protected by 400TC German 100% cotton, the high-end organic cover which will minimize the risk of a leak.

The best Hungarian Goose Down Pillows – signature products from Hungoose

With a 15-year warranty, the Hungoose company shows how serious they are. After 15 years, most of the clients decide to select the Hungoose product once again. Though the initial price is quite high, 15-year lifespan is indeed very economical. Most of the current goose down pillows on the market goes flat after a few month of using though the distributor assures how good their products are.

To prevent from the risk of defect and counterfeit, I highly recommend you to purchase the product via the official website of Hungarian Goose:

You will receive the product directly from their factory without paying any extra intermediary costs.

Alternatively, you can choose the Royal Hotel Goose Down Pillow instead. This manufacturer mainly targets the market of hospitality such as hotels, resorts, accommodations which require very high standards when choosing the bedding stuff for their customers.

In case you want to save money but desire the feelings that a real down pillow creates, you can try a down alternative pillow instead.


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