Somus Sleep Product Review On 2017

Getting a good night’s rest is the key to feeling energized for the rest of the day. The right pillow can mean the difference between waking up refreshed from a good night’s sleep or waking up bleary-eyed with a sore back and a stiff neck. The best pillows should offer comfort and softness, yet also support you in all the right places.

That’s why Somus Sleep Products created a new generation of memory foam pillows to conform perfectly to the contours of the neck and back, allowing for increased spinal support and a reduction in snoring over traditional pillows. True to their name, Supreme Comfort Pillow has all the benefits you love and definitely the best choice to have a sleep like a log every day.

Supreme Comfort Pillows


Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5 Overall Score

Product Specs:


23 x 5 x 15 inches (58x38x13 cm)


3 pounds (1.4 kg)


3.2 lbs/ft3 (52 kg/m3)



Fill Material

Memory Foam

Cover Material

Bamboo Rayon

Comfort Level


Sleep Position

Side; Back; Stomach


Somus Sleep Products

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Advantages of Using a Memory Foam Pillow

The right pillow can improve your sleep. If you wake up with headaches, neck or shoulder pain, or just toss and turn all night, you may want to try changing your pillow. Although most people probably just grab a likely-looking pillow from the department store, a more careful choice may give you a better night’s sleep. Here we strongly recommend you a Memory Foam Pillow.

  • A memory foam pillow will help decrease the amount of pressure on the side of your head and neck. Many have said to experience less snoring when sleeping on a memory foam pillow. This is mainly due to the fact that your neck is raised, clearing your airways for you to breath more easily.
  • Memory foam pillows are completely hypo-allergenic and are therefore the perfect option for allergy sufferers. Furthermore, unlike other pillows, they do not offer an ideal habitat for dust mites and other bed bugs.
  • Many have said to experience less snoring when sleeping on a memory foam pillow. This is mainly due to the fact that your neck is raised, clearing your airways for you to breath more easily. Memory foam pillows are ideal for suffers from the sleeping disorder apnea, where one experiences brief pauses in their breathing while asleep.
  • Regular pillows tilt your head upwards, causing air passages to close, which might make you feel hot when your head comes into contact with the pillow. However, memory foam pillows contour to your neck, allowing your air passages to remain open. Therefore, you will feel really cool and clear when sleeping on a memory foam pillow. Another unique factor regarding the temperature of your pillow is that once you lay your head on it, its visco-elastic foam will respond to your body temperature and soften in the areas where you need it to most.
  • Then here is one of the most recommended Memory Foam Pillow that you should take into consideration: Somus Sleep Products Supreme Comfort Pillow.


Features of Somus Sleep Products Supreme Comfort Pillow

1. Made of memory foam which helps ease head and neck pain

Made of polyurethane-based memory foam, which molds to the shape of your head and constantly adjusts as you move. They provide a good balance of softness and support, and both experts and users say this type of pillow can help ease head and neck pain. This memory foam pillow also will not shift or clump like down or synthetic fibers can. Therefore, it will give you the best experience every night.

2. Medium density

With the density of memory foam at a medium level, the pillow  is soft enough to be comfortable in any sleeping position but firm enough to support the neck and back. Specially designed to reduce stress on pressure points in your neck and back, this pillow is to help improve your sleep, as well as reduce discomfort for neck and back pain sufferers. When sleeping in a right position, your neck and back will get the opportunity to rest and fully recover from any stress that your neck joints endured during the day.

3. Embedded with bamboo charcoal that controls moisture and odor

Bamboo charcoal comes from pieces of bamboo plants, harvested after at least five years, and burned in ovens at a high temperature. It is an environmentally functional material featuring excellent absorption properties. We believe that bamboo charcoals have more than 400 kinds of minerals and hundreds of medicinal benefits and effects for our health. Bamboo charcoal is added into to absorb odors, moisture, and polluted air particles. This natural ingredient also prevents mold buildup, keeping your pillows clean and fresh.

Somus hypoallergenic pillow


4. Side mesh for better airflow

Almost everyone would agree that a cooler sleeping environment is more comfortable and that there is nothing worse than feeling hot against your pillow. The open cell structure in memory foam allows air to flow freely, creating a cooler cushion for you to sleep on. This Somus products pillow is the ultimate in sleeping comfort, featuring a larger size and cool side mesh for superior airflow.

5. Hypoallergenic cover and pillow

Many people have problems with their face skin when sleeping on a normal pillow. With the core made of memory foam and the cover made of bamboo rayon, this pillow is hypoallergenic to all types of skin. Moreover, the cover is easy to wash and sundry, which helps you save your time of washing.

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Customer Impressions

Since its first introduction, Somus Sleep Products Supreme Comfort Pillow has received a lot of positive feedbacks from its customers all over the world. As a high-quality product from a prestigious manufacturer like Somus Sleep Products, this wonderful pillow has become one of the best-sellers in the online markets. Some of the customers have to admit that they have changed their entire outlook on pillows since they used this Pillow. Anyone who once complained that the pillows they were using were ‘too hot’ cannot believe the difference that Somus Sleep Products Supreme Comfort Pillow bring to them. They all have best night’s sleep ever and no flipping the pillow over during the night to find the cool side. Cradles your head no matter which way you toss and turn.

Karen Davenport
A former Director of Health Policy at the American National Women’s Law Center

A lot of customers have been searching for the perfect pillow for years and have bought pillows that have almost crippled them when they woke up and could not turn their head. After one night sleeping with it, they can already tell that this is “the greatest pillow”. The turning motion of their head has increased after one night, which due to “this perfect pillow”.

Some of them state that these pillows are the best in any sleeping position and claim not to travel anywhere without taking these pillows with them.

Many customers highly appreciate the reasonable price of our product. They really think that with the quality and benefits of Somus Sleep Products Supreme Comfort Pillow, the price is worthy.

Some even say that these pillows are the most comfortable pillows they have ever owned because they have just the right amount of firmness. In comparison with other kinds of memory foam pillows, the quality of this pair is clearly better.

In short, according to most of the customers, they have a better sleep and neck pain relieved when using this pillow

Buyers Testimonial



True to their name, these Somus pillows were designed with comfort in mind. Their traditional shape and medium-density foam work for all types of positions, whether you fall asleep on your side, back, stomach, or while performing a slightly wobbly headstand. The hypoallergenic memory foam interior conforms to the head and neck, helping to alleviate pressure points for a better night’s sleep. In addition to comfort, the pillows were also designed to keep mold at bay: mesh siding boosts airflow and the foam’s embedded bamboo charcoal works to control moisture and absorb odors. This is the most recommended pillow that you should purchase. Surely you will not have to regret about your decision that you should make right now!

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