Contour Living Twist Pillow Review On 2017

Your neck is made up of fragile joints, ligaments and muscles. It’s the most vulnerable part of your spine. The contour living twist pillow was designed to be positioned exactly the way you want for perfect neck saving relief! Whether you are hitting the road for a journey, relaxing in your favorite chair or just trying to get a fine night’s sleep, a contour living twist pillow can help make your life a bit more comfortable.

Contour Living Twist Pillow Review

Product Specs:


26 x 5 x 5 inches


12.8 ounces



Cover material



Navy blue

Pillow type



Contour Product

Key Features of contour living twist pillow

1. A fully articulated internal link system allows for complete flexibility and hold

Bend it, shape it or just twist it, it holds any position for perfect comfort and support. Because it is soft and squeezable, this contour living twist pillow could help maintain your neck strain’s position as you want it every time. The secrete inside is the flexible spine.

All you have to do is just wrap it around your neck, put it again your head, and get your rest. It is perfect on the plane or shaped into a comfortable position while you watch TV. Moreover, you can also bend it for an extra low back support, and it is great for cradling a new addition to your family, too. The contour living twist pillow goes everywhere you go.

2. soft poly-foam completely surrounds internal linkage system for total comfort

The soft poly-foam surrounding the spine inside makes this pillow a great product. Thanks to the elasticity and softness of this foam, your neck will be comfortably supported.

Moreover, the foam is light, so you can carry this pillow to anywhere you wish. All you have to do is just twist it neatly in your suitcase, and use it at any time. Especially, the foam will not begin to bottom out within two years use, which is a big revolution, compared with other same kinds of contour pillow.

3. Soft, washable velour cover is easy to remove and clean.

Velour is a plush, knitted fabric or textile similar to velvet, which makes it a perfect cover for a pillow. The tiny plumule on the velour surface makes its softness and comfort. It is very convenient that the velour cover can be removed from the foam inside.

Therefore, whenever the pillow is getting dirty, you can strip it out and wash it, while the foam will be drying in the sun. This feature of the pillow helps you reduce the time of cleaning and makes the washing become easier.

Customer Impressions

This item is great! I had a back injury in the early 70’s that has caused me no end of difficulties. I’ve tried a number of products of this type, with no noticeable improvement. But, with this one, I seem to get just the support I need. Thank you for this wonderful product!

Karen Davenport
A former Director of Health Policy at the American National Women’s Law Center

Most of the users of the contour living twist pillow love it and evaluate it as a helpful product since it is rated high star for quality on Amazon’s reviews from many customers. Each of them finds out a benefit from this product for themselves. Some of them consider it as the lifesaver for their necks when on the computer in bed. Others find it work great for traveling in a car, keep head straight while they sleep and no neck strain. Some ones who have back problems are helped make them comfortable on a long flight. They also state that it is a must for those who find travel neck pillows too hot or uncomfortable. Some even use it for ten years and intend to buy some new ones because they think this wonderful pillow is worth the money

Buyers Testimonial


Although there are plenty of benefits that this contour living can bring to the customer, but we can list out some of the most outstanding advantages

  • Twist it for perfect neck & head support while traveling, or at home
  •  Bend it in any position to relieve strain while reading books, watching TV or using computer
  • Take it to bed as the ultimate leg pillow that always stays put.
  •  Be soft and comfortable to the neck
  •  Be easy to remove and clean the cover
  • Shape it for a bed time head pillow
  • Wrap it around your lower back for support

The Contour Products Contour Twist Pillow is the perfect solution for all those who are looking for support that can be applied to any part of the body. It has a unique and versatile structural design that makes it able to cater to the neck, the legs, the back, or any other region.

Its flexible and unique build makes it capable of twisting into and retaining any shape you want, while its lack of bulk makes it easy to carry around and store. The Contour Twist Pillow from Contour Products is available in various attractive colors, letting you choose the one that best serves your needs.

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