How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow

To get the most benefits out of a pregnancy pillow, you have to use it correctly. When used in the correct manner, a pregnancy pillow will help alleviate some of the most common problems associated with pregnancy such as hip, back and joint pains. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to find and use a pregnancy pillow to reap maximum benefits.

Start by Choosing the Pillow that is in Line with Your Needs

Different pillows will offer varying levels of comfort. It is thus imperative that you choose a maternity pillow that best serves your specific needs because that is the only way to get value for money and sleep comfortably.

Identify your particular source of discomfort so that you can assess the ability of the pillow to get rid of the problem before buying. Most discomforts during pregnancy are caused by inadequate sleep, awkward sleeping positions and poor posture.

How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow

Focus on Specifics

Certain pillows are made to address specific types of pain while some help alleviate more than one problem. If your pain or discomfort is coming from multiple areas, a wedge or smaller pregnancy pillow will be ideal for you problems.

However, if you are experiencing general aches and pains a full-length pregnancy pillow would be a perfect choice. You may also consider going for a curved body pillow if you have trouble falling asleep as a result of discomfort.

Go for Quality

It needs no emphasis that the best pregnancy pillow should provide utmost quality. Choose a pillow that is adequately stuffed and with a firm outer covering. Note that the pillow should have the capacity to accommodate your increased weight, your growing belly as well as your knees and foot.

The Outer Cover Should be Washable Cover

Due to the constant contact with the body, the outer cover should be easy to wash. The cover should be removable and machine washable at the very least.

Proper use of a Pregnancy Pillow

Now that you have a pillow that matches your requirements and preferences, using it correctly is equally important. Most pillows come with a user guide that is in a well laid, and simple to understand format. Be sure to try out the pillow to establish the angle that will give you the most comfort.

Here’s how to use a pillow in the correct manner.

Start by Supporting Your Neck

Most pregnancy pillows are designed in such a way that they prop up your spine. Support your neck and head when sleeping on your side so that the spinal cord can remain as straight as possible. Avoid sleeping in a curved position as this may cause pain to your neck and shoulders.

Place the Pregnancy Pillow under Your Belly

When resting or sleeping on your side, place your belly beneath the maternity pillow. This not only supports your belly but also eliminates the discomfort caused by pulling the belly on your side or the pressure from the back muscles.

Hug the Pillow Using Your Arms and Legs

Place the pillow between the legs and hug it with your arms to help relieve the pressure on your joints and ankles. Besides when sleeping on your side, placing the pillow between the legs may lessen the likelihood of swelling and boost blood circulation.

Support the Back Adequately

Most pregnancy pillows are designed to offer a wrap-around portion so that your back can be adequately supported. It is imperative to support your back so that you don’t roll back on your right side when sleeping or resting.

As stated, the quest to make the most out of what a pregnancy pillow has to offer starts by choosing the right pillow and using it correctly. If you get the two aspects correct, eliminating pregnancy-related problems becomes easy.

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