How to Sleep 8 Hours in 4 Hours?

Generally speaking, sleep plays an important role to our health. It makes us reduce stress from our life
and refresh our body after a tiring working day. An 8-hour sleep every night helps us very nimble, active
and productive at work. On the other hand, if we do not have a proper sleep, we will feel sluggish and
even irritable. What worse is unproductive at work. Along with that, if an individual long suffer from
bouts of insomnia, it can be associated with many health problems.

However, the fact is that, modern life reduces our recommended hours of sleep in many ways. Along
with that, the habit of using stimulants like coffee, or alcohol drinks before the bedtime are also the
disruptions to sleepers. If you are a sleeper that never sleep enough 8 hours every night. You need to
find out ways to have a quality sleep whatever you have to sleep less than the number of hours as
advised. I’m about to give you tools and tips on how to get sleep of 8 hours in 4 hours.

Choose a Quality Mattress

If you want complete sleep with the support, then bring a memory foam mattress at home. The memory foam gives you conforming comfort and complete support to the body shape. Sleeping on a memory foam mattress will provide you optimal relaxation. Zinus memory foam 12-inch Green Tea mattress is such one the complete support HD foam base layer of which gives long-lasting stability and durability. It offers the ideal balance of comfort and support to make sure you get a refreshing and comfortable night’s sleep.

In addition, we have many different mattress reviews, you can choose them to suit your needs.

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Avoid Stimulants before Bedtime

I bet that many of us can’t resist the addictive taste of coffee and drink it every morning before work,
right? Actually, one small cup of coffee in the mornings can make us fully alert and get more
concentrated at work. However, if this small amount of coffee is used near our bedtime, it makes us
awake and hard to fall asleep. It even keeps us restless thorough the night, resulting in that we feel tired
the next morning. Similarly to coffee is alcohol drinks and tea, these drinks contain unhealthy
substances that disturb us to fall asleep immediately.

Avoid Stimulants before Bedtime
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Remove Distractions

Distractions that keep us awake can come from many things around us. It can be noise, light, and our
smartphone. If we can identify the thing that disturb our sleep, we can find your solution for this.
Actually, having light that is turned on during the night may makes our brain interpret it as daylight. The
dark room will help us fall asleep easily. Similarly to light is noise, our sleeping environment needs to be
calm and quiet in order to get asleep right away we put our head on the pillow. If there is noise, we feel
annoying and not peaceful in mind, making our sleep disruptive. Try to put earplugs in case the noise is
out of your control.

In addition, these days we seems to be on the phone all the time for the need of checking emails, and
any types of social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Oftentimes, it’s like we will lose many importantly new Facebook notifications, if we do not check it for a while. If you are a notorious night owl who prefer to flip through social media till midnight or even through the night, bear in mind that,the stream never stops, and new articles, videos and links posted by friends become progressively
harder to retrieve. The matter is you have to force yourself to ignore them and not make yourself
depend on social networks.

Remove Distractions

Set up Sleep Routine and Follow it

Regular sleep patterns are known to be just as important as the number of hours we sleep. If you have
always to struggle with sleeping every nights, setting up your sleep routine and force yourself to follow
it may help. The ideal time to set your bedtime falls between 10 – 11pm, which will allow your body’s
organs to function properly. This may be difficult to follow for several first days, but when you are
already acquainted with your schedule. You will never struggle with your sleeping.

Not eat Near Bedtime

Eating near our bedtime can make foods hard to fully digest. Consequentially, we will feel
uncomfortable. Along with that, other undesirable side-effects can be heartburn and increased risk of
gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Instead, we should eat far away the bedtime and just eat sleep-
friendly foods for dinner. Additionally, foods that are rich in tryptophan like eggs, turkey, chicken,
salmon, nuts, and seeds can actually lead to satisfying sleep.

Not eat Near Bedtime

Comfortable Mattress and Pillow

Actually many of us still underestimate the importance of mattress and pillow when it comes to sleep.
However, have you ever remembered that many nights your sleep are interrupted because you feel too
warm or too cold? Or many times you restlessly toss and turn during the night just because you can’t
find the comfort sides on your mattress? Or you flip your pillow to cooler side during your sleep? Yeap, I
mean having a right mattress and pillow can make a huge difference for a good night sleep.

Nicely, everything has a solution. If your current mattress is too stiff, investing a new mattress can be a
waste. Instead, you can soften it up with a mattress topper. This is considered to be more economical. If you don’t want to be disturbed by too warm mattress, the mattresses designed with cooling gel infusion are available. Lastly, make sure that, the pillow you’ve been using is able to hold your head in correct angle that you’re comfortable with. Along with that, choosing the models that come with cooling gel infusion also help improve your sleep.

Comfortable Mattress and Pillow

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Bed Temperature Controller

Having to sleep on too warm or too cold bed can’t help us sleep soundly. Luckily, the item called bed
temperature controller is already invented. It has become as very useful item to have in our bedroom
because it allows to us adjust the temperature as our desire. In addition, along with ability to adjust the
temperatures, this item can offer many benefits. However, they are fairly expensive for some to afford.


When we can sleep soundly every night, we can stay well-being all the time. This allows us to actively
take part in any activities on daily basis. This means, no matter what how life has been keeping us busy
every day. Taking care of our sleep is always important. Additionally, whatever we have cool mattresses,
best pillows, or bed temperature controller. All that work as things to improve sleep, we still need to have a good lifestyle, and an 8-hour sleep every night is still better.

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