How To Fall Asleep Faster?

What do you usually do when you can not sleep well? Counting sheep? This way is one of the popular methods, but there is no evidence that counting sheep have an effect on our sleep. In fact, a recent search of scientist shows that people who try to count sheep will take more time to fall asleep than another. In another word, this is not the best way for you to fall asleep faster.

However, the more the society develops, the less the sleeping time is. Consequently, we do not have enough time to sleep, to relax and to get energy for a new day. It leads to decrease the quality of daily activities and our work. Let’s forget to count sheep; we need the effective methods to help us fall asleep faster. The article would like to show how to asleep faster.

Your bed

You will spend most of the nighttime on your bed, that explain why it become the first factor affecting the quality of your sleep. Let’s image how you will sleep if your mattresses and pillows are full of mold and dust. They not only cause the diseases but also reduce the quality of your sleep. In this case, let’s make sure that your mattress is changed and cleaned every week. Primarily, you can use some fabric softener, tea flower oil, lavender essential oil, which have a function of seating and sleeping well.

Besides, you should choose the favorite pillow which makes you feel the most comfortable. For people who sleep on their sides, a side sleeper pillow may be an effective assistant who only makes you feel better during sleeping, but also protects your body from back and neck pain after waking up.

Reading book

Most of the people choose to watch a film or finishing their job before sleeping. It seems like ideal activities at the end of a day. However, using techniques device can affect your sleep and cause sleeplessness.

Instead of watching a film, solve a load of email, chatting on Facebook, reading book is a better way. Reading not only provides you knowledge but also help you fall asleep faster. Reading your favorite book can reduce stress and pressure that you got in a day. Besides, with a favorite book, you can relax and enjoy the fun which brings you the best emotion, weep out the nightmare and have a beautiful dream.

Reading book can make your eyes tired and help you quickly fall asleep. However, I do not suggest horror and violent stories because the strong images and contents of those stories have a bad effect on your sleep. In brief, reading a book before sleeping is a good method to help you fall asleep faster.

Listen to music

When you are struggling with the noise from your little brother and neighbor, listening to music is the best solution. With music, you can overwhelm the sound, feel relaxed and have a better sleep. Besides, listening to music during sleeping also bring you benefits in your memory. However, there are some tips that you should note when listening to music to fall asleep faster.

– Choose the light music, or instrumental music has more useful.

– Do not use headphones for a long time. In fact, using headphones is not good for your ears, you should listen to music without headphone.

– Do not open music with a loud voice.

– Use a function of a timer to turn the music off after 30 minutes. It would be not good for your ear when listening to music all night, right?

Don’t sleep too much in a day.

It is difficult for us to identify exactly how many hours that a person spends sleeping because it depends on the age, sex, physical body. However, a person will spend 7-9 hours to sleep a day. I mean that a long sleep after having lunch can make you have trouble in fall asleep at night. It leads to you tiresome in the next day, and it will repeat and create a cycle that you cannot get out.

By this way, your biological clock can be broken as well as endocrine activity also changes. Therefore, if you want to fall asleep faster, you can cut the sleeping time in the afternoon. According to research, the ideal time for sleeping after lunch is about 20- 30 minutes. By his time, you can get energy and feel awake to work in the afternoon.

Snack and drink

The quality of sleep will be badly affected when you sleep on an empty stomach. You can drink a glass of warm milk, herb tea or eat a banana to help your stomach feel better. When drinking warm milk, you can be stimulated by Tryptophan L and fall asleep faster. If you drink a cup of herb tea, it is also a good way to make you feel asleep. Herb teas such as Lavender, Mint tea can cool our body, and sedate, soothe the stomach and provide energy after an exhausting day.

Besides, you can eat some fruit such as banana, strawberries and so on. By eating the snack before sleeping, you can make your stomach feel better and fall asleep faster. However, do not eat too much, your stomach does not want to work all night to solve your foods.

Note: Besides these tips, do not forget these notes

– Do not eat chocolate before sleeping because the amount of caffeine in a bar of chocolate has an effect as a cup of coffee.

– Do not drink wine because it can make you feel more tired and get a headache during sleeping.

– Stay away from electric devices such as cell phone, notebook, computer, tv and so on.

– Do not think about troubles and problems in your job. This time is for relaxing and sleeping. Let’s take them beside and solve them tomorrow.

In conclusion, these are some tips which help you fall asleep faster. Hope with these tips, you can find the best sleep every night.

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