How to Clean a Baby Stroller: Easy Fixes for Dirt, Stain, and Smell

You don’t have to be told, but let’s say it anyway! A stroller is the best part of growing up. It forms the fondest memories for your baby and helps you to keep your baby as close as you can. From getting out of the house, going shopping, riding through the park, to visiting your pals, enjoying fresh air with your baby is just pretty awesome when you have a stroller.

We really understand this. In fact it’s the one reason we have taken our time to bring our experts together in order to make your stroller experience a memorable one. While this is true, our experts have realized that few parents quite understand how to clean their baby strollers and even keep them spotlessly clean.With crumbs, juice, and dirt spilling every day, this is very important. Don’t let the dirt to nestle down the nooks and crannies follow our lead.

The General Stroller Cleaning Guide

Step 1: Set Your Baby Stroller Outside

To clean a baby stroller in the best way, set it out on a free space. You want the freedom to move around and access every part of your double stroller; we often advice our readers to set the stroller outside, either on the lawn, backyard, or laundry room (if they have enough space). You can then disassemble some parts of the stroller such as the canopy, food trays, and cup holders.

Step 2: Always Start by the Vacuuming

Simple dirt particles such as bread crumbs that often fall off are easy to clean. They fall on the surface and really stick on the padded seat. Well sometime they can hide in the nooks and crannies of your stroller but not quite as the stubborn stain would. Grab a handheld vacuum cleaner and suck off the crumbs. Keep an eye on the stroller seat joints. This step is pretty cool for cereals, raisins, debris, bread crumbs, dust, and other tiny dirt droppings.

Step 3: Clean and Freshen the Fabrics

Many strollers are made out of polyester. This is one cool fabric that can be easily washed by hand. Using mild soap, cold water, and microfiber cloths, you can easily give the entire seating fabric plus the canopy an awesome cleaning.

Soft brushes, damp soft fabrics, and a scrubber are also cool for soiled up areas: we always advice our readers to wipe off excess water and soap. Finally air-dry the stroller fabrics in a warm place. Remember to follow user manual.

Step 4: Wash Off the Stroller Frame

From the metallic components to the plastic sections of your stroller clean up your stroller frame inch by inch. Watch out for loose screws, shaky joints, non-secured wheels, leaky tires, debris, dirt, and hair along the joints. It is advisable to wipe the frame with a damp cloth.

You can also use a damp cloth to wipe off any excess soap and water. We know how vital your stroller is for your baby: don’t use abrasives, solvents, and strong detergents on the frames. Our experts have learnt that these volatile options are highly corrosive on metallic surface. They can also scratch the frames and weaken all the plastic sections.

Step 5: Clean up the Stroller Wheels

This is very important. It is the section where the rubber meets the road. Use mild brushes and detergent to clean off the dirt. If you have pneumatic tires, inspect it for air leaks and tire tear. Check the pressure level. Remove the wheels and clean out any debris stuck up in the joints. Use your user manual to find the wheel release latch.

Cleaning the Smell and Stain

After step 1 and 2 you can remove the covers and canopies of your stroller. Wash them gently or wash them in a laundry machine. Some of the top strollers don’t recommend removing the stroller covers or even a machine wash. A good example is our Britax B-Agile Double Stroller. For such strollers, the material could shrink.

It is therefore important to follow the user manual always. Smells might also stick of frames. Use mild anti-bacterial wipes to clean up the stroller’s frame. The same might also apply for any plastic parts that are used to join up any two sections of the stroller. Other models will recommend the use of warm water.

Additionally unpleasant odors from food, drinks, and juice spills can be treated with suitable liquid solutions. The most ideal option is the baking soda and water solutions. We recommend spraying the solution on the affected areas and wiping off with a soft fabric. Use an easy empty spray bottle or apply with a cloth.

Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning a Stroller

  • Never fold a stroller while damp/ wet this will keep mold and rust away.
  • Do put back a stroller’s fabric while wet to avoid any forms of shrinkage.
  • Use only warm water with mild detergent to keep the cloth in color.
  • Avoid volatile detergents – they corrode and weaken the stroller frames.
  • Do cover the stroller to keep of dust in case of long storage periods.
  • Never fold up the baby stroller with any car seat adaptors.
  • Don’t remove any part of the stroller if you are not sure about it.
  • Air your stroller fabric in a dry and warm place. Don’t put under direct sunlight.
  • Always follow the user manual while cleaning the baby stroller.


Storing your stroller proper after you have washed it is very important. Our experts advise you to follow the dos and don’ts of cleaning and storing a stroller. For the some models that have customized cleaning procedures such as the Britax Strollers following the user manual is very important.

You can also visit expert reviews such as the ones we have for you or you can call the manufacturer to find out how to go about it. The choice should be yours but either way but just make sure you keep your baby stroller in good shape.


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