How Technology Affects Your Sleep: Infographic

The habit of using the electronic device technology such as phones, laptops, tablet before sleep adversely affects quality to sleep, which affects the health and intellectual.

According to The National Sleep Foundation, 95 percent of people surveyed admitted to using electronic devices prior to sleeping. Researchers have found using these devices so close to bedtime can lead to sleep disturbances, low energy and drowsy driving. Check out this infographic for more details on how technology affects your sleep – and what to avoid doing to get the best sleep possible for your body.

how technology affects your sleep

Tip “For a good night’s sleep, you should choose best pillows and best mattress fit your sleeping position and according to your illness.”

Hopefully the above information, it will help you get rid of bad habits and have a good side sleep. If you have any question, please leave comment below. Thank for read !

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