How are down pillows made? 

How to wash down pillow guideAre you having a down feather at home? If yes, have you ever wonder how it was made and where all the filling came from? Have we piqued your curiosity and interests? If so, this article is for you. In this article, we will explain the process of making a down pillow for you. The process can be briefly explained as follows:


Manufacturers lay down the measurements of each batch of down pillows, which includes the size the shape of them. They then determine its filling, which comprises the filling content and how much to fill with each down pillow. Next, they announce them to a supervisors of each assembly line. Then, each supervisor send down the commands to the workers and the workers then do the work cut out for them in each assembly lines and that’s it. The whole process can be simplified like that.

Collecting the down content

This means that you collect the feather of the birds and send them to the factories producing down pillows. But how exactly do you collect the feather of the birds? In the down industry, there are three methods of removing their feathers. Details are as follows

First, after death or as they call it in the industry “post mortem”

As the name said it, this method of feather collecting is done after the bird is dead, usually by “natural causes” for their flesh or organs. After the bird is dead, its body is scalded in hot water for a few minutes so that its feather can be more easily removed. Then people pluck out the feathers, mostly by hand), collect them and then send to the factories. There, people use machine to sort out the down part.

Second, live plucking

The name says everything. In this process, the targeted feathers are collected from a live bird, which is held down either by wings or necks. After the feather removal, the bird has 6 to 7 weeks to recover and get ready for the next “harvest”. Many factories tends to avoid using this method as it is deemed animal cruelty by many people. The birds suffer way to much pain and trauma for our personal privilege, this is too inhumane – they argue. Just search for a video on youtube and you will know how cruel this process can be

Third, gathering

The feathers of the birds come off as the result of the phenomenon called molting and then they are collected. Or they could comb or brush the birds in order to remove any loose feathers. However, not every birds have the same molting cycle. Even if they have the same molting cycles, the molting period is different from each individual bird. Therefore, some are “live plucked” during this process as well.

I hope that this article has given you a better idea of how a down pillow is made. If you want to know more about this matter, don’t hesitate to go to our link

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