Pregnancy Pillows FAQ

Armed with the right information, choosing a pregnancy pillow that best suits you needs and the semester of pregnancy becomes easy. Here is a look at some most common pregnancy FAQs in a bid to help you buy your pillow from a point of information.

What is Pregnancy Pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is a pillow whose design allows pregnant women to support their growing bellies when resting or sleeping. They are also used to support the body, from the head to the back, hips and foot.

Why Can’t I Use Regular Pillows?

There is no question that a standard body pillow can offer the support you need for your body during pregnancy. However, that’s just about it. A regular pillow will not provide the comfort that a pregnancy pillow would offer.

Note that pregnancy pillows, also known as maternity pillows are designed to align with your body’s contours during pregnancy to not only offer the much-needed support but also help you rest in the best sleeping position at night.

Besides, due to their large size, they can stick to one position and won’t slide off the bed at night. It is imperative to note that there are different types of pillows and you’re better off with a pillow that provides as much comfort as possible.

Do I Really Need a Pregnancy Pillow?

For many mothers, particularly first-time moms, a pregnancy pillow may not come across as much of a must-have. The truth is, maternity pillows are a necessity if you are to avoid the discomforts that come with pregnancy. In fact, here’s why you really need a pregnancy pillow.

  • Your chances of waking up in pain are significantly reduced. Using a pregnancy pillow eliminates the likelihood of suffering from back, hip or lower back pain when you get out of bed in the morning.
  • As stated, the pillow allows you to assume the best sleeping position during pregnancy since it supports your back and belly.
  • Maternity pillows lessen the risk of a host of medical conditions during pregnancy including Sciatica.
  • Buying a pregnancy pillow, in essence, eliminates the need to have many pillows for body support

Reading the above makes you think that a pregnancy pillow is more of a necessity and you couldn’t be more right.

Is there is Any Difference between a Pregnancy Pillow and a Body Pillow?

Yes, there is. For starters, pregnancy pillow seeks to offer comfort and support your newly acquired body and shape. In other words, pregnancy pillows are flexible enough to align with the curves of your body thus giving your body the much-needed support from all angles.

Body pillows, on the other hand, are not as flexible. In fact, they are long and straight. Depending on their preference, some women prefer body pillows. Nonetheless, pregnancy pillows are more popular among pregnant women due to their ability to conform to the unique shape of the body.

Can a Pregnancy Pillow Help me After Giving Birth?

Yes, and in a number of ways. Post pregnancy, the pillows are great for:

  • The young one to lie in; statistics indicates that maternity pillows help the infants with reflux
  • Providing support as you nurse the baby
  • Offering support and providing relief for the neck and lower back pain

What is an Organic Pregnancy Pillows and is it Any Better?

An organic pregnancy pillow is a pillow that is made using natural materials. In other words, the materials used to make such pillows have not undergone through the production process that involves heat and chemicals.

With that in mind, it almost goes without saying that they are safer to use in comparison with regular pillows. Besides, they have softer fabric and tend to last longer that other pillows. They are also a safer choice after giving birth. Since the materials do not contain chemicals, they are gentle on your child’s sensitive skin.

When Should I Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow?

You should buy a pregnancy pillow as soon as your belly starts to enlarge. In most cases, this is during the third month of pregnancy. As the body shape changes, the pressure subjected to the bones, hips and foot increase so you need to get adequate rest on a pregnancy pillow.

Be sure to choose a pillow that will accommodate you changing shape throughout the pregnancy. Remember, the more versatile a pillow is, the better it is.

Where Can I Buy a Pregnancy Pillow?

Your search for the best pregnancy pillow starts at Here, we have comprehensive reviews on an assortment of pillows and what to expect with each. In addition, you get first-hand information some of the most important pieces information that you should know during pregnancy.

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