Diarrhea During Pregnancy

Diarrhea is a condition that is characterised by frequent passage of loose and watery stool. Besides, it is accompanied by cramps, abdominal bloating and inflammation of the gastrointestinal path that includes the stomach and small intestine. Pregnant women frequently experience this condition during the gestation period. This article apparently explores more about this condition and therefore if you are experiencing diarrhea during your gestation period, you have all the reasons to read this article to the end since it has essential information that will be of help to you.
Diarrhea during pregnancy

What are Pregnancy- related causes of diarrhea?

Prenatal vitamins and iron supplements – consuming prenatal vitamins and a lot of iron supplements among other nutrients are recommended during pregnancy. These vitamins are good for your health and also the foetus health; however, they usually result in stomach upset which hence causes diarrhea as some of these vitamins are new to the body.

Changes in diet – most pregnant women make tremendous random changes in their diets when they come to a realisation that they are pregnant. Most of them start consuming vegetables, fruits and water more frequently. This abrupt change in your diet may result in diarrhea, and hence it is advisable that you set up a gradual change in your diet.

Hyperthyroidism – this is a condition that is more prevalent in pregnant women where your thyroid gland produces excess thyroxine hormone. Diarrhea is among the symptoms of this condition.

Taking of Herbal and over-the-Counter drugs – taking of herbal and other non-prescribed medicines may cause diarrhea. Besides, taking antibiotics when you are pregnant causes overgrowth of clostridia difficile which is a causative agent of diarrhea

Prostaglandins- these are natural lipid compounds that consist of distinct hormonal effect. Their level is highly elevated during the third pregnancy trimester to aid in preparing the uterus for labour. As a result, they lead to increased water secretions in the gut and the bowel hence may lead to diarrhea.

Other causes of diarrhea include; Viral gastroenteritis, Giardiasis, Food poisoning, Lactose intolerance, Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s illness and Protein intolerance.

Remedies that help to get rid of diarrhea fast during pregnancy

Various solutions can assist you to fight diarrhea that is a causative agent of pre-term labour to expectant mothers during pregnancy. Besides, this remedies can provide relief from diarrhea symptoms.. These remedies include;

Fluids intake – diarrhea makes your body dehydrated hence it is advisable that you should consume a lot of fluids especially water. Fluids enable you to recover the situation and prevent dehydration.

Honey and cinnamon powder – honey is regarded as a natural medicine that is capable of treating health related problems such as diarrhea. Consumption of a teaspoon of pure organic honey mixed with a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a glass of warm water aids in subsides diarrhea. It is recommended during the final stage of diarrhea recovery for pregnant mothers.

Consumption of a BRAT diet – the BRAT diet consists of Bananas, Rice, Apple and Toast as the name suggests. These foods are very efficient in stopping diarrhea besides firming up your watery stool.

Eating sodium rich salt crackers – during diarrhea, a lot of sodium besides other electrolytes is lost. These ions can be replenished back to your body system by consumption of salt crackers that are sodium rich.

Seeking medical help – since dehydration is very life-threatening mainly in pregnant women, it should not be neglected. When you experience watery stool more than thrice, it is advisable that you notify you doctor for you to receive prescribed anti-diarrhea.

How to prevent diarrhea

Seeking treatment when you are suspicious of diarrhea – it is advisable that if you are suspicious of diarrhea or if you experience it on a regular basis, you should not hesitate to see your doctor to help curb the condition.

Avoiding consumption of foods that actuate diarrhea – it is prudent to keep away from food that creates intestinal irritation since they can trigger diarrhea during pregnancy. Foods such as fried fatty food, insoluble protein fibres, spicy sauce and sweet baked food are worth quitting, especially if you have digestive issues, for instance, irritable bowel syndrome.

Drinking clean and non-infected water – drinking water that is disinfected using chlorine among other water treatment chemicals is another solution that you can apply to prevent diarrhea during the gestation period. Besides, when you are travelling, you should purchase drinking water and avoid consumption of tap water mainly during pregnancy.

Washing vegetables and fresh fruits surfaces – it is recommendable for pregnant women and any other person to clean the surfaces of freshly produced vegetables and fruits. This is because they are normally rendered unwholesome by contaminants and parasites that may be causative agents for diarrhea and other health related issues.

Avoid random diet change – abrupt diet change is among the causes of diarrhea to expectant mothers. You should make a gradual diet change when you are pregnant to help prevent diarrhea and other heath related problems.

In times have diarrhea during pregnancy, this article can act as a guideline where you can review the causes of diarrhea, remedies on how to get rid of diarrhea fast and how to prevent Diarrhea During pregnancy.

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