Delta Children LX Side by Side Stroller Review

There is a special thing about all Delta products and that is class along with comfort. Every product has a few things that they call competitive advantage in business words. If a stroller doesn’t have any competitive advantage, there is no point in buying that stroller. We normally do not say that look is important but this stroller is totally different.

There is an unofficial name of this stroller provided by the company. They call it night sky and you will know the reason if you have a look at the image. As always, our review will start with the features followed by the pros, the cons and final words. Let’s start the review.

Delta Children LX Side by Side Stroller

The features of Delta Children LX Side by Side Stroller

This stroller is full of features and there is a high chance that you may not need some of them. In this section, we will review the most important features of this interesting stroller.

Great Storage

When you are carrying two babies in a stroller, there is no chance or scope of carrying a separate bag of goods with you. It is tough to carry even your cell phone at times as the strollers become tough to manage.

Fortunately, this stroller comes with two big storage bags and you can take your whole home with these two bags. Yes, they are that big. You will also get parent cup holder and attachment points to attach more if needed.

Great frame

Framing is important because it is tough to find a most popular double stroller that is both lightweight and of a quality frame. Again, this one is different as it offers great frame with durability and standard weight management.

There are not many strollers that will offer you 35 pounds each kid being a double stroller. This stroller has a frame that is capable of managing that weight and that is why this stroller is better in terms of frame and body.


Shock absorbing feature is something that most of the parents do not look for in a stroller. If a stroller has shock absorbing feature then both your baby and your hands will be safe as the shock absorber will take all of the pressure.

This stroller has that feature and that is why you won’t feel anything while moving the stroller no matter how bumpy the road is. At the same time, your baby also won’t feel any bump as the absorber is placed way below to the stroller.

Delta Children City Street LX Side by Side Stroller, Grey

The Pros of Delta Children Side Stroller

The features are obviously positive sides of this product but those are not the only ones you find around. There are some other positive parts too of this product mentioned below:

  • Great safety
  • Lightweight and fun umbrella mode
  • Fits easy through a door
  • Free parts replacement offers
  • Weights only around eighteen pounds

The Cons of Delta Children Side Stroller

Now there are negatives of this product too and you should know about them before you buy one. Let’s list the bad sides of this product:

  • The handles are a bit lower for someone tall
  • A bit smaller than other side by side strollers

Final Words

Overall, this is a great infant stroller to go for if you value the look and features of your stroller together. Yes, there are other options in the market but combining both the look and features, this is one of the best ones for sure.

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