Cree LEDS – our pick for LED bulbs


What are Cree LEDs?
The Cree brand has been providing innovations in the lighting industry since the company was founded in 1987. Today, LEDs are some of the company’s most popular products. Currently, Cree offers LED bulbs, LED lighting systems and LED components. Consumers use these provides to create custom lighting solutions for their specific needs.

Cree LED lighting offers users the benefits of high quality, long life and reduced energy consumption. Since LED lighting is quite bright, some users complain about its artificial look. Cree has solved this issue by creating LED lights with a more natural look than CFLs. Although the light is very bright, it matches the warmth of traditional incandescent bulbs, giving users the best of both worlds.

When compared with traditional lighting, Cree LEDs provide that same amount of life while using just 10 to 15 percent of the energy. Through the life of each LED, this can allow customers to save hundreds of dollars. As of 2016, Cree estimates that customers can save over $400 in electric and relamping costs for each downlight that is replaced with a Cree LED.

How are Cree LEDs used?
The amount of uses for Cree LEDs is almost limitless! The company offers products for both indoor and outdoor use. Cree LEDs can be used in floodlights, street and roadway lights, pathway lights, and decorative lights for outdoor use. Specifically for indoor purposes, Cree offers LED suspending lighting, track lights, lamps, high-bay and low-bay lights, and new construction downlights.

What types of Cree LEDs are available?
Cree offers a variety of LEDs to meet the needs of private and commercial clients. Since the brand is a leader in innovation, the latest bulbs generally provide higher performance and greater energy efficiency than older models.

The XM-L LED is the typical flashlight LED. It produces a full flood beam with an impressive overall beam distance. Cree released the XP-L LED in 2014. This light can be driven at much higher currents than its predecessors, and it is offered in both regular and high intensity models. The T01 is 900 lumens, while the U11 is up to 1050.

Other types of Cree LEDs are also available. At, customers can see a full listing of current LED lights and other products.

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