Cosmetics – What’s Safe During Pregnancy?

Every pregnant woman wants to feel and look attractive during pregnancy, but there’s a need to be careful with the choice of your cosmetic products. Most products won’t cause harm when used sparingly, but you should take caution with certain ingredients. To help you stay safe while looking great during pregnancy, the information you’re about to read will come in handy.

Cosmetics Products, What's Safe During Pregnancy

Skin Care Products

No matter the urge to look attractive you should stay away from retinoids and salicylic acid based products during pregnancy. Using such products could lead to birth defects.

Retinoids speed up cell division and are often found in acne medications and anti-aging creams. While the retinoids applied on the skin may not pose such an enormous risk, do not take orally consumed products such as Accutane or any other oral acne medication.

Salicylic acid also found in acne products also poses similar concerns particularly in oral forms and may cause pregnancy complications.

What Should You Do?

Avoid salicylic acids and retinoids. To avoid the two, do not use products with Avage, Retinol, Renova, Differin, Torozac and beta hydroxyl acid as active ingredients.

Nail Polish and Hair Spray

Beware of products with a chemical known as phthalates which is found in a host of beauty products such as nail polish, synthetic fragrances and hair sprays. Repeated studies show that phthalates can cause a hormonal imbalance. Expectant mothers are likely to give birth to male babies with a short anogenital distance (the distance from the anus to the scrotum) if they are exposed to phthalates.

What Should You Do?

Keep off cosmetic products containing phthalates. You may not know it but painting your nails and using hairspray during pregnancy may hurt your developing fetus. To ensure that you’re safe.

  • Use the hair spray and paint your nails in well-ventilated areas.
  • Due to the likelihood of inhaling the hair spray, use it with caution and less often. You may choose to use hair lotion or gel instead.
  • Use phthalate-free products. Avoid any formulations with “fragrance” as one of the active ingredients.


Lipsticks are often formulated using color to make them last longer. The risk? The additives may contain significant amounts of lead that would harm the developing baby.

What Should You Do?

While the risks of using lipstick during pregnancy are slim, it is recommended that you use lead-free products.

Hair Dye

Repeated studies have found no harm in using hair dye during pregnancy. Thus, you may use hair dye or lace wigs dye without exposing the young one to unnecessary risks.

Make Up

Not all makeup is safe for use during pregnancy. However, makeup products labeled “noncomedogenic” or “nonacnegenic” does not contain oil, thus will not clog your pores. These are safe for use and will not affect the fetus. If you want to be extra careful, use makeup products that are mineral based. Such products are formulated using ingredients that do not sit on top of the skin and will not cause irritation.


Your skin needs protection from the harmful UV rays even when you’re pregnant. Sunscreens, even those that contain ingredients that penetrate beneath the skin are safe for use during pregnancy. Consider using sunscreens that contain zinc oxide and titanium oxide; they are efficient and do not penetrate the skin.

During pregnancy, it is of utmost importance that you discuss with your healthcare provider about cosmetic products that safe for you and the baby. Also, read the label carefully to ensure that the products you buy do not contain harmful ingredients.

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