Holy Lamb Organic Body Pillow Review


Experience the heavenly softness of the Holy Lamb Organic body pillow. This pillow contains eco-grown wool harvested from small American sheep farms in the Pacific North Western states of Oregon, Washington, and California. The outer sheath consists of an organic cotton sateen fabric. Unlike other pillow stuffers, wool is extremely…

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CustomSleeping Body Pillow Review


CustomSleeping body pillow is filled with soft luxurious proprietary filler that will conform to all body shapes giving support for any sleeping position. Imagine feeling as if you are sleeping on a cloud, this is what it feels like with this body pillow. It’s amazing in any sleep position, giving…

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Snoozer Full Body Pillow


As pregnancy progresses, many soon-to-be-moms find it difficult to find a sleeping position that they feel comfortable both for themselves and for the baby in their womb so they frequent department stores and online shops searching for the best pregnancy pillow. Some usually end up buying 2 or 3 more…

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