A Clever Way to Protect Your Baby’s Hearing


When you’re buying items for your baby’s wardrobe, consider picking up a hat that helps protect baby’s hearing. The noise reduction hat from Dots on Tots is a combination of the company’s ear protection hat and infant noise reduction hat. It has removable hearing protection inserts that reduce outside noises…

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Lili’s Bebe Pad Makes Diaper Changes a Snap


Trying to change a wiggly baby can be quite a challenge. If your little one is always on the go, Lili’s Bebe Pad can make diaper changes a bit easier. Lili’s Bebe Pad is a distinguished iParenting Media award winner and one of those brilliant ideas you wish you would…

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An Easy Way to Preserve Baby’s Milestones

If a traditional baby book isn’t your style, or if you want a way to make your baby’s pictures stand out from the crowd, Milestone Baby Cards are must. Milestone Baby Cards was founded by Gemma Broekhuis in 2012. As a new mom, Broekhuis wanted a way to easily document…

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Shains Let Girls Create Personalized Accessories


Is your daughter a style maven? If so, Shains might be the perfect addition to her wardrobe. Shains are an assortment of accessories that let girls create their own one-of-kind messages and change them as the mood strikes. They are made from colorful stretchy rubber and feature holes that can…

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