Casper vs Saatva Mattress Comparison

Today is the competition between Saatva and Casper, one comes as an early founder in the online mattress industry, and Casper, who has been quite popular for several years. Who will be victorious? Keep reading this full Casper vs Saatva comparison for more details of each mattress. If you need the full review of each, click Casper mattress review and Saatva mattress review. You can reading more mattress comparisons here.

Saatva Mattress Reviews

Saatva mattress is built on 2 layers of steel coils. With a thickness of 14.5″ (11.5″ thickness available as well), this coil-on-coil hybrid system makes it provide very unique comfort and support, especially, it helps provide greater longevity.


Top layer (comfort) – euro-style pillow top – Built with an organic cotton cover. This great material makes the cover soft and breathable. More ideally, the cover is attached with a euro-style pillow top, which adds great comfort and softness, without sacrificing the clean tight aesthetic.

Second layer (lumbar support) –  this layer is built from a thin memory foam, which comes as 1 inch in thickness. This layer provides additional lumbar support. In addition, the using of thin foam makes it more ideal, because it reduces absorbing and retain heat retention than thick foam.

Third layer (support) – foam encased contour coils –  This 4″ layer of individually foam encased coils is responsible for providing the comfort and contouring support layer. In addition, there are 884 individually foam encased coils in the Queen Size mattress. When lying on this mattress, each coil will mold and contour to every curve of your body.

Foundation Layer (support) – high-profile support coils – The bottom layer support base consists of traditional hourglass shaped steel coils. These coils act as a foundational layer, providing great support and shape for the mattress. Within the queen size, the mattress has 416 coils with 7″ of thickness.

Edge Support System – foam encasement – Completely encased with foam, this layer sits between the top and bottom layer of coils and along the edge of the mattress. This layer helps protect the coils and reinforces the edges of the mattress, improving performance for both sitting and sleeping.

Saatva mattress layers

Saatva mattress layers

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The cover is constructed from 100% organic cotton. The organic cotton makes it highly breathable and also quite soft to touch.

More specially, this cover is designed with a euro-style pillow top. The pillow top adds a great softness and comfort to the mattress. Ideally, this Euro-style pillow tops differ from traditional pillow tops in how they are built and aesthetically look. The way it is designed doesn’t make it lumpy and bulky, meaning it is more aesthetic. Along with that, this pillow top have a greater longevity than traditional pillow tops.

saatva mattress review 2

Close up shot of the Saatva mattress cover

Firmness, Support, Comfort and Others

Saatva has 3 mattresses with 3 different levels of comfort. They range from 3 – 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale, including: the Plush soft is the softest, coming as a 3.5 out of 10. The Luxury Firm is the medium feel, which has 6 out of 10. And lastly, the hardest Saatva, the Saatva Firm, is an 8-8.5 out of 10.

Saatva mattress firmness

Saatva mattress firmness

With the coil-on-coil system design, the mattress can offer greater support and better at providing contour and motion transfer. In addition, Saatva does a good job when mixing organic and healthy materials for making the mattress. The cover is constructed from 100% organic cotton. It is natural and healthy to users. Along with that, instead of a fire sock or chemical based flame retardant, Saatva uses natural thistle as the fire barrier.


Although Saatva offers multiple thickness levels (11.5″ and 14.5″), the two mattresses have the same feel and price point. However, the prices would depend much on the Size you choose.

Additional Information

Warranty – Saatva will offer you 15 years as a limited warranty, if purchasing Saatva mattress

Trial Period – you also have 120 days to sleep on the mattress as a try

Returns – if you have any dissapointments, you can get 100% money back by returning to Saatva.

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Casper Mattress Review


The Casper is a 9.5″ all foam mattress built from 4 different layers of foam.

Top Layer (poly foam) – this layer is built from a 1.5″ of responsive poly foam. This layer provides the comfort, contour and bounce for the mattress.

Second Layer (memory foam) – this layer is made of a 1.5″ of memory foam and has a density of 4.0 PCF (pounds per cubic foot). This layer is responsible for support and pressure relief. In addition, when placing memory foam layer below the poly foam layer to help reduce ability to absorb and retain heat.

Third Layer (support foam) – this layer is built from a 1.5″ of poly foam. In addition, it has a density of 2.5 PCF. This layer acts as traditional layer.

Bottom Layer (support foam) – this layer is constructed from a 5.0″ of support poly foam with a density of 1.8 PCF. This layer of foam acts as the foundational base for the mattress.

Casper mattress layers

Casper mattress layers

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The Casper cover is simple, but well-constructed. The outer look comes in 2-tone design, white and grey tone. Generally speaking, the cover of Casper still achieves its aesthetic look.

Functionally speaking, the white fabric on top is 100% polyester. It’s soft and quite porous. Due to the porousness, it is fairly breathable.

Additionally, the white fabric on top is sourced in the USA and woven in South Carolina. The grey side panels come from Belgium.

Casper mattress cover

Close up of the Casper mattress cover

Image 7 – Close up shot of the Casper mattress cover

Firmness, Comfort, Support and Others

Casper mattress has medium firmness, which comes as 6 out of 10 on firmness scale. This makes it more suitable for the majority of sleepers, but it will be best used for side and back sleepers.

Casper mattress firmness

Casper mattress firmness

In addition, with a nice degree of softness, the mattress can provide very pronounced contour and hug feel. Along with that, the top layer of Casper is latex, which means it is good at providing a pronounced responsiveness and bounce. Due to these, the mattress won’t allow you to be sunk very far down into the mattress.

Additional Information

Warranty – the company will give you 10 years for a limited warranty

Trial Period – 100 Days will be served as trial period when you buy this mattress

Returns – you are allowed to get 100% money back if the Casper isn’t the right mattress choice for you

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Saatva vs Casper Mattress Comparison

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