Britax B-Agile Double Stroller Review

The Britax B-Agile Double Stroller is an awesome stroller ideal for twins right from birth to about age 2 years when they weigh up to 50 pounds. It is also suitable for two kids born less than 30 months apart as it has a recommended maximum weight capacity of 50 pounds per seat. It is also suitable stroller for kids who are up to about 40 inches tall. The double stroller is unisex and requires no batteries to operate.

Product Details

I love the Britax B-Agile Double Stroller for its very light frame made of aluminum. The quick fold design makes it extra easy to fold and unfold in one simple movement. The infinite recline positions enhances the comfort of my babies.

This is really important when I take them outdoors as normally they love looking at everything we pass but usually fall asleep within minutes. The 5-point harness comes with a head pad, which further enhances their comfort while the reflective binding makes it possible for me to observe them as we stroll.

Its adjustable handle means I can use it as comfortably as my husband or any baby-sitter regardless of size and height. The double stroller fits through standard doors so it means I am comfortable taking my babies with me while I shop.

One of my favorite features of the B-Agile stroller is the all-wheel suspension. It makes the ride so smooth even on relatively uneven surfaces. This reduces irritation to my babies and actually lulls them to slumber soon after we begin our daily walks.

Britax B Agile Double Stroller


My double stroller came with the Britax click and go system and the infant car seat receivers. Thus, I can arrange for car trips and errands fast and without requiring my husband’s help. The stroller has two back-of-seat pockets where I can easily carry the baby stuff or even throw in some of my shopping or a handbag. The under-seat basket is conveniently placed and easily reachable from the front and back.

The automatic chassis lock makes it easy to keep the babies safe and secure. The mesh ventilation windows and very large canopies ensure I can easily see my babies every step of the way. The stroller comes with single step locks which securely and simultaneously locks all the rear wheels.


The Britax B-Agile Double Stroller has the click-and-go system. This means I can use the stroller with all Britax infant car seats without need for additional adapters. Nevertheless, if your car seat receivers are incompatible with Britax car seats you can easily solve that by purchasing a car seat adapter.


Though meant for two babies, the B-Agile has a narrow frame that makes it easy to glide swiftly and easily through standard doorways. The stroller also fits one car seat, so more space for everyone. When using the stroller, each of the seats can be reclined separately. This especially works great for me since one of my babies is extra active while the other is more laid back.


The B-Agile did not come with a rain cover though I found a wide variety of compatible covers sold separately. The stroller also has no space or design for a receiver for both kids on the car seat. Luckily, the click and go system makes it easy to simply lift the babies off the stroller and strap them onto the car seat so I do not really miss the car seat feature.


I love the B-Agile for its great handling and steering and for its storage. Compared to most other double strollers, it is very lightweight so I can quickly carry it when necessary, like up the stairs or into a car.

I love that I can use it with kids of different ages, not just twins. The separate recliners are fabulous for each child’s comfort. One can play or enjoy the scenery as the other naps.

Additionally, the stroller lies flat so it is super easy and convenient to pack it in small spaces like the trunk of your car. Its light and sturdy frame with the smooth wheels also means can jog with the stroller, unless you are a hardcore runner.

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