Brentwood Home Mattress Review

Brentwood Home is a big company that is located in Los Angeles. The company has a long history because it has been around the market since 1980s. Along with mattresses, the company also manufacture and sell many other products like bedding accessories, baby/kids and even pets.

For Brentwood Home mattresses, they have a wide range of products including latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and innerspring mattresses. Now, as the main purpose of this Brentwood Home mattress review, we are going to dive into Brentwood Home mattresses!

Brentwood home mattress reviews

Brentwood Home Similarities

Though Brentwood Home offers a wide range of mattresses, they divide their mattresses into 2 major categories – affordable and luxury. The affordable mattresses are also called “Classic Collection. These are mostly made of gel memory foam and gel memory foam hybrid. Meanwhile, the Luxury line has three main types including: latex, memory foam, and spring / coil mattresses.

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Here are the similarities that All Brentwood Home have:

Made in Los Angeles – Brentwood Home has a factory in Los Angeles, which is nearly 200,000 sq. feet. All Brentwood Home mattresses are manufactured in this factory.

Warranty – Brentwood Home offers 25 years as a limited warranty. The first 10 years is for full replacement and repair. And the rest is pro-rated.

Trial period – Consumers will get 120 nights to use the mattress as a try, if they don’t like it, they can return it and get the 100% refund.

Shipping – you will get your mattresses delivered directly to your door, but you need to wait 3 – 5 days for being delivered.

Mattress cover – you will see different types of covers when choosing Brentwood Home mattress. The one used for affordable mattresses is thin and made of polyester + bamboo. The other used for luxury mattresses is quilted cover with a wool liner and Belgian knit.

The Materials Used in Brentwood Home Mattresses

The materials used for making Brentwood Home mattresses are originated from different places in the world. However, all of them meet the Golden State standard for being friendly to environment and human being. Let’s learn more about each material!


Where it comes from – from Southeast Asia

About kapok – it is eight times lighter than cotton, but similar to silk feel. In addition, it is better than polyester because kapok can be biodegradable. Kapok can replace polyester stuffing because it is healthier to users.

New Zealand Wool

Where it comes from – from New Zealand

About New Zealand Wool – wool has been a great material for making coats since a long time ago. This material is cut from sheep furs, the ideal thing of this material is it can regulate the temperatures. It means wool can insulate very low temperature in harsh winters but remain cool feel in the summers.

In addition, wool is possible to decompose in soil, which takes many years to completely decompose for synthetic fabrics. Along with that, wool contains a chemical structure that is naturally fire resistant. This helps Brentwood Home no need to use any chemical flame retardants. What else? There are three mattresses that use wool for its construction, including Oceano mattress, Mirador mattress, and Sequoia mattress.


Where it comes from – from North Dakota

About Buckwheat – the buckwheat hulls are those that become the material for making pillows. These hulls are sturdy but can be contoured to your body. In addition, the buckwheat pillows are allowed to remove or add the fill as the user’s desire.

Organic Cotton

Where it comes from – from Texas

About organic cotton – this material is harvested from a plantation where no toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used for the cotton plants. In addition, cotton is mostly used for making pillows.


Where it comes from – from China

About silk – it is cultivated from the cocoons of silkworms. Silk is a very soft and durable material. In addition, the natural protein structure of silk makes it hypoallergenic. Which model you can find this material in mattress? There are two mattresses that has silk in the material including Mirador mattress and Palmetto mattress.


Where it comes from – from Mongolia

About Cashmere – Cashmere is cultivated from goats in Mongolia, South Asia. This is a great insulator, super good softness and durability with time. In addition, Cashmere is very expensive due to high demand and long production time. That’s why it is mostly used in high-end products. Which mattress that use this material? They are Mirador mattress and Palmetto mattress.


Where it comes from – South Gate, CA.

About Coils – this material is used in most of spring and hybrid mattress. The coils are heat-treated and stress-relieved for prolong the life. In addition, Mirador mattress and Ocean mattress are two models you can find coils.


Where it comes from – from Vietnam

About latex – this is called natural latex, which is different from synthetic latex. To have this latex, the rubber polymer sap is mixed with a small amount of organic compound, aiming to provide gel-like feel, then it is poured into a mold to get its desired shape.

In addition, this latex is certified by the Eco-Institut for being friendly to environment and human being. Furthermore, it contains hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial properties, allowing it to prevent mold and dust mites.

As compared to synthetic latex, this natural latex is more durable and higher elasticity and bounce. Also, Mirador mattress and Palmetto mattress are two models that use this natural latex in their constructions.

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Brentwood Home Mattress Comparisons

This table is a list of Brentwood Home’s affordable mattresses. All mattresses in this list come at under $600. In addition, mostly, all of them are firm, but the Brentwood Home Bamboo gel 10-inch memory foam mattress is the softest of all. More ideal, they also provides a little motion transfer.

Bamboo Gel 13 – this mattress can be suitable for all sleepers

Gel 11 Mattress – this model also provide good supportive support for all sleepers

Bamboo Gel 10 – this model is best serviced for side sleepers due to less firmness level than the rest.

Gel 9 Mattress – this is highly recommended for back and stomach sleepers

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The second table is the full list of all Brentwood Home’s luxury mattresses. With this list, the similarities they shared together is the high price. In addition, most of them offers medium firmness level.

Memory foam mattresses

Sierra Mattress – nearly all kinds of sleepers can find the comfortable feeling with this mattress

Brentwood Home Sierra mattress

Brentwood Home Sierra mattress, King size, platform bed

Coronado Mattress – this is the second mattress can be used for all sleepers

Brentwood Coronado Mattress

Brentwood Coronado Mattress – King size

Sequoia Mattress – this is also suitable for all sleepers

Brentwood Home Sequoia mattress

Brentwood Home Sequoia mattress – King size

Spring Mattresses

Avalon Mattress – this model is highly recommended for stomach and back sleepers

Brentwood Home Avalon mattress

Brentwood Home Avalon mattress, King size

Del Mar Mattress – this model is suitable for all sleepers

Oceano Mattress – this is also suitable for all sleepers

Latex Mattresses

Solano Mattress – this mattress is best used for back and stomach sleepers

Palmetto Mattress – all sleepers can have a good supportive support

Mirado Mattress – its comfort and support are suitable for all sleepers

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It is easy to understand why Brentwood Home is very reputable in the mattress market. They have super good quality mattresses. Along with that, they also have both of the lines for luxury mattresses and for affordable mattresses, which easily meet the needs of the majority of purchasers. More importantly, Brentwood Home is the company that highly concern about environment issues. View more

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