Best Sit and Stand Stroller 2018 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Stressed about bringing new nannies and babysitters in your home every now and then? Don’t be, a new group of parents just realized the best remedy for unreliable nannies and babysitters.

They’ve got themselves the Best Sit and Stand Stroller 2018 for their kids. Our expert buying guide and reviews will help you find out the market leading sit and stand stroller.

Don’t be left behind, it’s simple, if your baby is six months old or more you can simply get out there and make a pick of your most fancied baby stroller, however before tucking them in you should also talk to your pediatrician to find out if your little gal or boy has any health complications that could prevent them from using a stroller.

However, that’s a topic for another day, today we are going to talk about a few great kid strollers that you could use and our main focus will be the sit and stand baby stroller.

What Is A Sit And Stand Baby Stroller?

So what does the most selling sit and stand baby stroller refer to? As the name implies, this type of baby stroller allows you to carry two babies in it, with the option of one baby – usually the younger one sitting while the older baby can savor in the beauty of riding while standing or sitting.

How Will A Top Sit And Stand Stroller Help?

Like any other top stroller, a high rated sit and stand baby stroller helps you to enjoy the best moments with your little kids. You can go out for a stroll in the park together, hit the shopping malls, grab a cup of coffee, or visit a few loved ones. In addition to that, the good sit and stand stroller saves you all the worries that come with leaving your kids with unreliable nannies.

What To Look Out For In A Great Stroller

So let’s say you’ve identified your excellent sit and stand stroller, how do you tell if the stroller is in fact a great bargain? The following factors will help you to find that out.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Sit and Stand Stroller


The safety of the stroller plays a key role. You want a stroller that guarantees the safety of your kid. In the stroller world, such a stroller should have a five or three point harness to secure the baby on their seats. It should have a functional braking system that parks the stroller safely.

It should also have a UV protector, all weather canopies, and a fantastic stroller accessory adapter that gives it awesome compatibility with infant car seats and bassinets.


Well you could have identified the top quality stroller but is its pricing right for you? Can you afford it easily? Do you strain to buy the stroller? Such questions are what determine a great stroller cost.

If the price falls within what you intended to spend and if you remain with some coins to grab other ideal stroller accessories say a diaper bag, tote, or carrier then that pricing is fantastic.


We can’t stress this more. A great design determines a fantastic style. And every stroller user has their own style that they prefer in their excellent strollers. It could be a one-step fold system, two step, push button, or quick fold trigger.

It can also be a set of pneumatic tires, foam filled rubber tires, or polymer wheels. Design material such as steel or aluminum alloy frames and adjustable seats are also among other things that sets the pace for a great design.


If you want your kid to enjoy their ride you must ensure they are comfortable. Stroller comfort is often determined by the following features, an ultra-padded adjustable recline seat. The seat can come with multiple recline positions.

Apart from that is; an efficient adjustable suspension system and a leg rest among other things. The over seat canopies can come into play while the tires will double up in providing a smooth ride.


It’s no secret at all that everyone would love to see the value for their money. Because of this all the people who buy a stroller would love to go for a durable one. Durability in a great stroller is often determined by a sturdy outlook, steel and aluminum alloy frames, and above all a strong stroller fabric. They’ll show you if the stroller can carry its weight and weather the UV effects.


This should simply refer to how the stroller works. Is it easy to operate? Is it compatible with the many stroller accessories that we have in the market such as bassinets, cup holders, baby diapers bag, and parent-baby trays among the rest? Or does it perform at maximum efficiency when fully packed to capacity? All these will determine if indeed your stroller is simply on top!

Our Experts Recommended Sit and Stand Stroller

1. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller – A Great Stroller with Multiple Riding Positions and  Unique Rear Facing Seat

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller is one of the most affordable sit and stand strollers in our collection today. When we weighed the stroller hit 30.6 pounds and carries up to a maximum capacity of 50 pounds on each seat.

Some of it most unique features we found included these, a large removable canopy, parent tray with two cup holders, a well laid out swing kid tray, a dual wheel system, additional cup holder, a 5 point harness system, a large storage compartment under the seat, multiple riding positions, one hand fold system, and a foot activated rear brake. The stroller is versatile enough for its users since it’s quite compatible with many infant car seats including Graco, Britax, and Evenflo.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller


Looking at its most lovable merits and sampling up some of the best user reviews, we found out that the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller is great because of these reasons. First since it sits well with most infant car seats making it easy to use in between the car and the stroller.

It is also very safe for kids as it comes with a foot activated rear brake for ideal parking and instant stop, five point harness that secures the younger kid on their seat, and enough standing room for your older one.

The stroller is also quite efficient as it has one hand fold system, works well with other stroller accessories including swing kid trays, parent tray, large storage area, and cup holders. At 49 x 21.5 x 43 inches this stroller is specious enough for your two kids.


Many stroller users love a stroller that can sooth their kids to sleep, a reclining seat is a top class addition on such a stroller. The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller has that. Only that the seat doesn’t recline enough that your baby can fall asleep.


2. Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller – Incredibly Small and Compact frame, Stand on Tandem Design, Perfect For Growing Toddler and a New Little One

The Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller, this top sit and stand stroller is fantastic. The stroller is also a lightweight stroller and weighs only 27.9 pounds. It can hold up to 45 pounds of weight on each seat and measures 41.4 x 21.2 x 36 inches.

Our research on this stroller revealed a number of awesome features. First the stroller comes with a patented stand on tandem design, it has a pair or dual wheels on the front and only single wheels on the back, it includes a universal infant car seat attachment, a child tray with two cup holders, large under the seat storage basket, and an easy to use trigger fold system. Finally it comes with a caboose stand on tandem.

Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller


In terms of efficiency we can say the Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller is ideal – allows for the use of multiple stroller accessories easily including cup holders, diaper bags, infant car seats, and snack trays among the rest.

When it comes down to safety the 5 point harness secures your baby on their seat all through the ride, the braking system assists in the parking and instant stopping of the stroller, and the canopy protects your younger child from the sun.

In addition to that the stroller proves to be quite comfortable as it comes with ultra-padded seat, padded handle, and a compact and easy to fold system. The wheels also provide the stroller with a smooth ride. The universal infant car seat attachment allows you to use a car seat brand of your liking.


It was clear that the stroller doesn’t come with an inclusive rear seat. Instead any user who wants the rear comfort is advised to buy a Joovy Caboose Too Rear Seat. It would have been a fantastic deal if the stroller came together with the rear seat under one price.

3. Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Classic Connect Stroller

We have to agree that very few best sit and stand strollers would come close to the Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Classic Connect Stroller. It is light and weighs only 29.7 pounds.

It can hold up to 100 pounds of combined weight and stand at 34.6×20.9×40.1 inches. The Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Classic Connect Stroller design supports all the Graco Classic Connect infant car seats.

Its front seat features a multi – position  recline, ultra padded rest, and a convertible 3point to 5point harness that adopts to your growing child’s needs. The rear bench seat is padded and comes with a sturdy stand in platform.

This sit and stand stroller comes with lockable swiveling front wheels for easy and stable movement. In its front wheels is a built in suspension. The stroller also includes a parent tray with two cup holders, 3 point harness on the rear seat, and a large storage compartment.Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller


Like its users we also loved this stroller since it had an ideal weight capacity and was spacious enough for the kids. In terms of efficiency, it’s compatible with Graco infant car seat, has a quick fold system, and comes with other stroller accessories such as parent-child trays.

For safety, this stroller has easy to use harness systems that secure both your babies to their seats. It also has an easy to use braking system that parks the stroller easily. Finally the stroller features great inbuilt suspension, lockable swiveling front wheels, and a multi reclining seat for a comfortable smooth ride.


One disadvantage that we noticed however is this, the Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Classic Connect Stroller allows strictly with Graco Classic Connect Infant car seats limiting how anyone who has other infant car seats can enjoy its use.

4. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller – Extremely Versatile Stroller, Perfect For Growing Family

Simply put the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller is fantastic. It blew us off with its design and color scheme. At 33 pounds, you guessed right, this stroller is sturdy.

It carries up to a maximum weight of 40 lbs on each seat and measures 49×21.5×43 inches. Its grey and purple colors fuse flawlessly to give it an exquisite design.

The storage compartment is fantastic and can be easily accessed. It has an easy to operate compact fold system, large sized dual wheel system at the front and a rubberized handle for slip free grip. The frames are light and sleek in design.

Your older child can seat on the rear seat of stand. And above all that it comes with three sets of trays for you and each and every one of your babies. The stroller also works well with Baby Trend infant car seats.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller Elixer


We were amazed at how the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller proved to be quite efficient. It allowed for the use of a number of infant car seats including Baby Trend, Graco, Evenflo, and Britax among the rest.

The stroller also folds easily for storage and transportation and works well with the three sets of trays that it comes with.

This stroller doesn’t overlook safety either, from a foot activated brake, five point harness on both seats, and rubberized handle for tight grip, it’s in fact one of the safest double strollers.

The frames are highly durable and the seats quite comfortable. They are reclined and offer enough space as any accessories can be stored in the storage basket.


We found out that many users complained about lack of enough knee space but when we tried it out with a number of kids it just fits fine.


5. Graco Room for 2 Classic Connect and Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller – Convenient and Foldable Tandem Stroller, Ideal For walking and Running

Sit and stand strollers like the Graco Room for 2 Classic Connect and Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller don’t usually come easy. Like we found out, the stroller weighs only 27.18 lbs and carries a maximum weight capacity of 50 lbs on each seat.It measured 42×21.5×40.5 inches and fits in most standard doorways.

The stroller also comes in with a number of ideal features such as dual wheel system on the front, lightweight stroller frame with plastic capping, a padded bench seat for the second kid and a stand on platform, and one hand fold system with a storage latch.In addition to these the reclined stroller seat comes with multi-positions including a flat option and also a 5 point safety harness.

Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller


Starting with efficiency this stroller proved worthy as it is quite compatible with all the Graco Classic Connect and Click Connect infant seats. It also works well with other stroller accessories including cup holders and child trays which it comes with. The wheels are classic and maneuversreally well.

Safety is key for these manufactures. The stroller comes together with a 5point harness and an ideal parking brake. At the same time, the stroller is extremely comfortable since the rear bench is padded while the reclined seat has multi positioning. The stroller is also easy to clean up and to store as the one hand fold system really work great.


For the price, this baby stroller is built really well. However when packed to capacity the stroller tends to get a little unsteady. But we guess that isn’t such a big deal as your kids will be grown and out before you know it.


6. Baby Trend Sit N Stand DX Stroller – Functional  and Stylish Design, Perfect For Growing Family

There isn’t any doubt that the Baby Trend Sit N Stand DX Stroller comes at a fantastic market price. We found out that the Baby Trend Sit N Stand DX Stroller weighs only 26 pounds and measures up to 49×21.5×43 inches making it one of the most lightweight strollers in this list.

On its best features, the stroller comes with an a swing child tray with a deep cup holder, dual sets of lockable front swiveling wheels, a covered parent holder with double cup holders, a 5 point child restraint safety harness, an state of the art improved stand on platform, an adjustable head cover, a padded handle, a well-designed storage basket under the seat, and a lightweight stroller frame. In addition to that, the Baby Trend Sit N Stand DX Stroller is very much compatible with a Baby Trend infant car seat.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand DX Stroller


We realized that the Baby Trend Sit N Stand DX Stroller had a lot of things that any user could enjoy. For instance the stroller came in with easy fold system that makes it quick to collapse and pack.

The stroller’s inner seat offered multiple setting including a swing rear view, the wheels and the tires worked well with the padded reclined seat to offer a fantastic ride to the little passenger.

The swing child tray together with the parent tray provided top service when bite time came and finally the storage basket was the simply awesome in terms of capacity and design.

On safety the 5 point harness and the parking brake worked so well in keeping the baby safe. And finally the efficiency was awesome as the stroller was compatible with a number of infant car seats.


This stroller has a great design however when you older kid sits or stands, accessing the storage section becomes tight and this is a real disadvantage.

What Are The Top Five Stroller Accessories You Can Buy

Fantastic stroller designs also come with very many on-the-side accessories that make it much more efficient to use. Well while some ideal designs such as the InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller, Blue/Grey will come inclusive of a few such accessories others may not. Meaning that to enjoy using them, you’ll have to get out and buy. Here are a number of accessories that you could go for.

Snack Trays

Snack trays make it easy for the parent and kids to have a bite of their favorite snack along their strolling routine. They act as complete easy to reach “fixed table trays” that you and your babies can lay out their snacks and have an easy time digging in.

Usually a parent tray will be attached in between the handlebar while a kid tray will come right in front of their reclined seat to make the access easy.

Diapers Bags

Diaper bags vary. Some are fixed to the side of the strollers while others can be attached to the stroller frame. Diaper bags make it easy for parents to keep used diapers for later disposals and unused diapers for future use. This is often made possible by the fact that the bag comes with a number of multiple pockets.

Cup Holders

Cup holders are the easiest way to hold up a drink closer to you. They are often attached to the side of a stroller’s handlebar and at times could come as part of the snack trays. To work best the cup holders are given tight grip so that they can easily hold the cups or drinking bottles.

Cooler Bags

If you want your drinks to remain cools while you stroll, jog, or take that evening walk you’d better grab a cooler bag. Cooler bags keep stuff cold including your drinking water and energy drinks.

However these don’t usually attach to the stroller, they are placed in the storage section for easy carriage.

Bundle Me

Like the baby bassinets, infant car seats, and baby infant seats – Britax, Chicco, BOB, and Graco that keeps your kid comfy, bundle me works to keep your little riders warm incase the weather turns out to be chilly.

Buying a bundle me is very important when you ride out on cold morning or in the evenings when the weather is not so favorable for your kid.

Why Shouldn’t I Carry an Under 6 Months Old Baby In a Stroller

You have heard it said before that any parent who owns a stroller shouldn’t take their baby for a stroller ride if the baby is under 6 months. Well, have you asked yourself what the reasons might be? Read along to find out.

The Baby is Still Weak

Stroller rides are extremely exhaustive. For your baby to enjoy, they need to toughen up and make sure that they can withstand the long rides. High concentrations especially for younger babies can be quite harmful.

The Back Bone and Neck are Fragile

Longer rides, bumpy rides, longer sitting periods are all not ideal for weak bones. They can easily cause spinal injuries and leave your baby with very fatal health problems. It is therefore very important that you don’t ride your baby on a stroller yet.

The Baby Can’t Hold Up Their Head

The strength which stroller riding babies have is the ability to hold their heads in place. However this one requires a very strong neck bone. The baby’s back neck doesn’t strengthen up until after six months. Any time below six months they still can’t hold their head straight.

The Baby’s Mind is Still Growing

The baby needs to enjoy the sceneries that they come into contact with. Generally, this isn’t possible if they still cannot identify the beauty of what they see. It is therefore very important that you allow your baby to grow a little.

Your Baby Is Still Much of a Sleeper

What babies younger than six months are good at is sleeping. They can sleep for over 8 hours a day. What this means is you will not find enough time to move around with them even if you wanted to. Indeed you cannot fix them into your running schedule.

Final Words

There are so many things your best sit and stand stroller can do for. One thing we know is, it’ll make your work easy with the baby, give you ample “you time”, and save you a few babysitter dollars.

But above all that your stroller will help you to maintain an awesome fitness routine as you don’t have to miss your jogging routine to sit back home with your little beauties.

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