Best Price Mattress Review

Best Price Mattress 10-Inch Memory Foam MattressHovering at one of the lowest prices in the memory foam industry is the Best Price Mattress brand, a bargain for anyone that is looking to try out memory foam for the first time cheaply. With 3 layers of relief, consumers will wonder how they got this far in life without a memory foam solution.

Deeper sleep is a reality due to the health benefits and restorative sleep this mattress gives to the user. Rather than having a thin memory foam top there are a nice 3 inches to play around with and get a feel for.

This is a lesser known retailer but comes backed with a pretty decent warranty, and is well reviewed across several outlets. As many of the other manufacturers do, this company also uses a compression method to ship the mattress so that you can handle it at a fraction of the size.

Enjoy brand name quality and a great support system with this purchase, and all without having to break the bank to get the best on the market. Even without the best, customers will feel like they got the better end of the deal.

Best Price Mattress is available in sizes from Twin to California King with a thickness of 6-Inch to 12-inches. In this article, we will go into the Best Price Mattress 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress.

Best Price Mattress 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

Brand Notoriety

Best Price Mattress is not a very well-known brand at all and is not even an Amazon Exclusive. They do have a dedicated website but they primarily do most of their business setting up storefronts on Amazon and

To their credit, they have one of the best websites to navigate, even better than the bigger name brands. The easy to use and fun layout also has plenty of company information including a vision page, faq, and even dedicated support. A deal of the month page rotates great deals that are exclusive to their company website, with some that are really hard to pass up if you’re shopping.

On the downside, they have a blog that hasn’t been updated since July 2nd, 2014, which brings up the point of their shortened warranty of only 10 years. This puts them behind a lot of smaller and bigger brands, and it’s unclear why it only comes with a 10-year warranty. They do have social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Pinterest, but like the blog, it is not always as up to date as it needs to be. This is considered to be a lower tier company in the memory foam market, so if customers get scared away when making a big purchase from them then it may be warranted.

Quality of Memory Foam

Best Price Mattress 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress reviewsSizes come in twin, full, queen and king with the queen weighing in at only 60 pounds with dimensions of 80x60x10. There is a lack of heft in this one, and it may make some consumer’s thing it lacks the durability to withstand certain body weights.

The 10 inches of memory foam include a thick 3 inches on top with 2 super soft memory foam inches sandwiched in-between with a bottom layer of 5 inches of high-density foam. If looking for a mattress with the ultimate health benefits that memory foam can provide, the company presents its pressure relief system as a proprietary technology that makes their memory foam target more essential areas than the competitors.

There are differences in how it feels, but it’ll be up to the individual with back pain and soreness to decide if this mattress really lives up to that potential. The foam, however, does have the problem of trapping a lot of heat and does not breathe well at all. Regardless, the memory foam for comfort reasons to the body would be high, but the overall quality of sleep may be less due to the lack of airflow in the mattress.

It should also be pointed out that the included zip on the cover is extremely cheap, and should be immediately replaced with a better cover if one is available.

Best Features

Although it shouldn’t really be considered a feature, the price is the best feature of this mattress. It’s a hundred dollars cheaper than anything else on the market at the moment, so that is a big disparity in price if someone is just looking for a cheap memory foam option to try out or to replace another one that has worn out.

It’s also a lot lighter than other offerings in the market, which may or may not be a good thing long term. But short term, it makes moving the mattress even when it is unpacked a breeze. It also gives off a different fluffier feel, although that could be accomplished even with extra weight. Another feature to throw in is the aforementioned pressure relief system that could be revolutionary for those that it works for, or could possibly just be the benefits of good memory foam.

Best Comparison

Most likely the Serta Deluxe 12 inch Full-size Memory Foam Mattress, so an older Serta memory foam to be exact. Good quality memory foam that will help your aches and pains but will also make you sweat like you’re in an oven by bouncing your body heat back at you. This is more a problem in warmer areas, so if consumers usually keep their house at a certain temp it won’t be a big deal at all.

Even with this being an older Serta, it still costs about $ 2-300 more than the Best Price Mattress. So keep that in mind when trying to figure out a purchase and what would be the best option. Read more best Amazon mattress reviews.

Personal Opinion

With only a 10 year warranty it is hard to recommend this, at least as a main mattress in your household. If it is for the guest room, or in a room that doesn’t have someone in it every night, then this makes for a good memory foam mattress. You can, of course, check out our list of the best memory foam mattresses here.

It also works great as a temporary memory foam until you get a more expensive option in your bed frame. Without better company notoriety and a longer warranty, this memory foam mattress just doesn’t work well as the main solution.

Price Changes

The stock is strong and this isn’t flying out of the warehouses so the price will stay steady and low, but it wasn’t that high, to begin with. If sending this out as a Christmas present then it would be great, since around that time memory foam options may be flying off of the shelves.

It’s safe to say that this mattress will be well stocked and ready from all available outlets, even their own website. As far as a price drop in the future, or even next year, it’s quite unlikely.


The warranty matters in this situation, and in a big way since the base of the mattress is so light. This is one of the lighter offerings on the market so may suffer from durability issues when used heavily. Despite using heavily, many years warranty let you sleep with full of relaxation.

And since the company is on the lesser known side, and with less than half the amount of warranty given to the customer than with other comparable brands, it becomes a big decision for the consumer with whether they want to pursue this memory foam mattress or go for a higher priced solution. Either way this can be considered an average buy, even at the current low price.

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