Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

Most people are side sleepers. Sleeping on one side during the night and switching from side to side helps reduce snoring and sleep apnea. Side sleeping is also one of the best positions for pregnant women. Unfortunately it can also cause painful neck aches, stiff shoulders, and back pains if you do not have a pillow that can accommodate the form and weight of your body. A side sleeping pillow is important because it distributes your body weight evenly, taking pressure off your neck, arms, shoulders, and back. The following information will help you find the best pillow for side sleepers.


Types of side sleeping pillow

There are several side sleeping pillow types. Contour pillows, also known and cervical pillows, help support the neck and back much like a regular pillow. Some people claim the orthopedic cervical pillow is the best pillow for side sleepers because it helps align the neck, head, and spine, placing your body in the optimum sleeping position. Body pillows provide another way to reduce the discomforts that accompany side sleeping. Body pillows cradle the entire body, relieving stress from the shoulders and neck, supporting the head, and distributing your body weight evenly.

Finding the best side sleeping pillow

The main function of a side sleeping pillow is to keep your spine straight during the night. The height and the thickness of the pillow you choose should correspond to your body shape and weight to allow for a comfortable alignment. Keep this in mind when you are trying out different side sleeping pillows. Nowadays, most orthopedic pillows are made from memory foam which allows your body to mould the pillow into the perfect shape.

Side sleeping pillow positions for pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you know how difficult it is to come by a good night’s sleep. The positions that you used to be so comfortable in may no longer work for you now that your body has changed. Side sleeping may be your best option for a comfortable night. Sleeping on your left side with a supportive side sleeping pillow may also improve blood flow and the nutrients that your baby receives.

If the weight of your tummy on one side is making you uncomfortable, try sleeping with a thin pillow under your tummy and one between your legs. This relieves pressure and makes side sleeping more comfortable as well. If you have a bigger bed, you might want to buy a body pillow or several large pillows and make a nest of pillows around you. Avoid sleeping on your back because the weight of your abdomen may put too much pressure on your back, giving you back aches.

A proper side sleeping pillow can make the difference between sweet dreams and a restless, uncomfortable sleep. Whether you choose a body pillow or contour side sleeping pillow, make sure the thickness and width are right for your body shape. Remember, the best pillow for side sleepers is one that creates a perfect alignment of the neck, head, and spine.

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