Best Double Umbrella Stroller 2018 – Ultimate Guide & Reviews

I was born and brought up in a stroller family. By the age of 12 I had completely fallen in love with variety of stroller designs. I remember going to my aunt’s place one summer holiday and hanging on my cousin’s stroller – refusing to go back home

Well it happens to many kids who are 12, but mine was different. The best double umbrella stroller 2018 chart below is a great place to get started comparing makes and models right now!

When I left college all I ever thought of was creating an awesome stroller blog of my own and that’s how I ended up being a professional stroller reviewer.

Today I research on strollers, compile my findings and advice the many buyers out there. So read along to find out what I have for you today plus the good double umbrella strollers (strollers that fold up like an umbrella when collapsed).

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Double Umbrella Stroller

If you want a great stroller for your baby you must know what to look out for when buying. Here are the main things that could help you.


Pricing is simple. Look at what you have in your pocket, know what you can comfortably spend for your stroller, sample up the strollers within that price range, compare their characteristics and finally narrow down to one that works for you.


Stroller comfort is determined by the following factors, a adjustable or well set reclining seat, a well deigned suspension system, an ideal wheel design that leads to a smooth and comfy ride, or a great canopy that saves your baby from harmful elements. Read About Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller Review.


Like I have learned, a stroller design depends on a client’s preference. If you want something light you’d look for aluminum frames. An easy to use stroller would come with quick fold system, and also easy to find handbrakes. In addition to that an adjustable handle is a plus.


Do you have twins or are having just one lovely angel at home? What is the weight of your baby or say their combined weight? How much do you anticipate they’d weight in the next three years or so? Now find a stroller than can handle this weight – stroller go up to 100 lbs weight capacity.


The safety of your baby when riding in a stroller is of utmost importance. Find stroller whose all safety parts work. These include an easy to access handbrake, easy to handle 5 point harness to secure your baby on their seat, and a great canopy that protects them from harmful elements.


A durable stroller is a plus for anyone who’s looking to enjoy the value for their money. How durable a stroller is depends on the material of manufacture. A sturdy stroller comes with a steel frame or an aluminum alloy frame, polymer wheels, and 100% polyester among other things.


How does your stroller work? What accessories is it compatible with? Is it really easy to operate? All these questions get answered under stroller efficiency. Meaning, if you stroller comes in with a quick fold system, allows for the use of various infant car seats, and is easy to use, its efficient!

Recommended Double Umbrella Stroller Reviews

In order to compile this top 10 double umbrella stroller list of my own I had to read a number of client reviews and call up a few other clients that I know who have used these strollers for over a year each. In addition to that I had to visit their company websites to learn more on every one of them.

1. ZOE XL2 BEST Xtra Lightweight Double Stroller – Lightweight Versatile Stroller, Absolutely Perfect For Travel and City Use

The ZOE XL2 BEST Xtra Lightweight Double Stroller is a great travel stroller from ZOE strollers. It comes in many ideal hues and weighs 16 pounds, less than half the weights of many other top lightweight strollers.

Indeed this stroller is a master class lightweight stroller. It can hold up to 50 pounds of weight, comes in an irresistible modern design, and measures 29 x 25 x 7.5 inches.

Its best features include an easy to use one-hand fold system, front wheel suspension system, an expandable canopy, a deep 135 degree reclining seat, a storage system under the seat, a padded front belly bar, snack cup, child cup holder, and travel bag all for FREE! One feature that steals the show from the ZOE XL2 BEST Xtra Lightweight Double Stroller is the wheels.

The wheels come with removable colored wheel caps. Finally the reclined seat is padded and comes with a five point padded harness too. At the back of the seat is an additional storage pocket that allows you to through in a few other vital personal accessories including phones and car keys.

Zoe XL2 Double Lightweight Best Twin Travel Umbrella Stroller System

What The Users Say

Clients agree that the ZOE XL2 BEST Xtra Lightweight Double Stroller is a great stroller. Since it has a sleek modern design that’s stylish, fits through standard doorways, is easy to fold and use in public transportation systems including buses, taxis, and trains, and has a great suspension that leaves the kids with a smooth ride.

In addition to that, they also love it because of its expandable canopy that protects babies from harmful weather and for the fact that it comes with a number of ideal stroller accessories for free. The 5 point harness secures the kids to their seat, and storage compartment allows them to carry cooler boxes, snacks, and shopping.

Final Stroller Verdict

Except for the fact that this quality double umbrella stroller has no carrying accessory once it is folded, many clients loved it. This makes one of the best lightweight strollers in the market today. Read the full review of the ZOE XL2 BEST Xtra Lightweight Double Stroller Review.

2. Chicco Echo Twin Stroller – Sleek and Sophisticated Compact Double Stroller, Comfortable for Children and Functional for Parents

The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller is another interesting stroller. It is one of the top rated double strollers the market has to offer. It comes with a total weight capacity of 34 pounds and will hold up to 40 pounds of weight. Its dimensions stand at 23.5 x 45.5 x 47.2 inches and it requires no batteries to operate.

When I looked at it I found a number of top class features including an independent 4 position reclining seats, adjustable leg support, front and rear canopy panels, meshed storage basket at the rear under seat, and a compact fold system.

The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller also came with top class dual front wheels fitted with an efficient suspension system. The front wheels swivel and if need be can be easily locked. There is a 5 point harness, a braking system, and a rubber padded handle. For master of class and design, this stroller beats many today.

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller

What The Users Say

According to the many reviews I read and the many clients I talked to, the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller still wins the hearts of many. Typically this is because it has a great weight capacity, is spacious, and features 4 adjustable recline positions that allows the user to adjust the seat to the comfort of their kids.

The additional leg support that ensures leg comfort for the kids is also a top class design for many. Many users agree the basket is also efficient for shopping and carrying all the needful accessories. However it is the suspension system for smooth rides, compact fold for easy transportation, and 5 point harness for safety that makes many users to love it.

Final Stroller Verdict

I would say that the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller is a fantastic stroller. It works well with stroller weather shield, mesh netting, and various carrier bags. Because of its flawless integration its heavy weight is often brushed off by many users.

3. Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller – Functional and Elegant Stroller, Easy Transport of Two

If you need something easy, quick, and light to light to hit the streets with you little girls then Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller is the real deal. This lightweight stroller works almost as efficient as any other double umbrella stroller.

It weighs 19 pounds and measures 30”x33”x36.5”. Its features a lightweight frame, compact umbrella fold, a parent cup holder with two attachment points, a three point harness, 360 degree front swivel wheels, two hanging storage bags, and two sets of ideal canopy.

The stroller comes also with two reclining seat positions and a dual wheels system. The stroller holds up to 35 pounds of weight on each seat. I must admit that for a side by side stroller the Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller is indeed a stylish stroller that makes the experience fun.

Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller

What The Users Say

Many clients who use this cheap baby stroller loved it because of its light weight and a compact fold system that makes it quite portable both in their personal cars, and also public buses. They also liked it since it’s quite efficient for town and street strolls.

They say that the 360 degree swivel wheels make it easy to push around while the two reclining seat positions give the kids a comfy sitting. Apart from that the stroller’s safety was not in question as many users feel the three point harness secures the babies well, the canopies protect them from the sun, and the hanging storage bags offer more space to carry accessories.

Final Stroller Verdict

Looks like the stroller has no suspension system that many users love, however it is easy to use, simple to set up and fold back, and easy to carry around. The good thing is many uses need it for city rides, which makes it ideal even with no suspensions.


4. Kolcraft Cloud Side By Side Umbrella Stroller – Travel With Style, Fold & Go

When I first saw this stroller I was totally blown off. It is a terrific double umbrella stroller and preferably one of the very best the market has to offer. For only 21 pounds I would say this stroller only comes close to the ZOE XL2 BEST Xtra Lightweight Double Stroller in weight. It can hold up to 35 pounds at maximum and 12 pounds of weight at minimum.

The stroller measures 31”x31”x38.5” and needs no batteries. It comes with two independently expandable canopies, a three point harness, terrific climate roll up, independently reclining seats, parent cup holder, and has a compact fold system.

On its handle is a bicycle like braking system and that tone up well with the dual wheels. The dual wheels come in a set of six pair with three at the front and three other pairs at the back.

Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller

What The Users Say

It’s no secret every user agrees this is the perfect lightweight double stroller. It is also one of the most affordable strollers and that’s a big plus for its users. The simple design makes it the signature stroller for many users.

They also love it because of its expandable canopies that prevent all the harmful UV rays, three point harness system that secures the baby, reclining seats that offer smooth ride, a compact fold system that makes it easy to carry along, and the parent cup holder that gives it an efficient reach for a quick sip.

Final Stroller Verdict

If not for the lack of a storage compartment, this stroller could easily take home the main price for the best lightweight umbrella strollers. However in terms of efficiency and ease of use it is still a great stroller for your kids.


5. Maclaren Twin Triumph – The Lightweight Practical and Durable Double Stroller, Meets the Highest Safety Standards

Maclaren Twin Triumph stroller is a great bargain however since it more durable. It comes at 23.1 pounds and has a maximum weight recommendation of up to 55 pounds. The stroller measures 35.4”x 24”x 41.1”, the Twin Triumph sporty and can easily carry two little passengers.

This lightweight stroller comes with a five point harness system, adjustable reclining seats with multiple positions, two independent canopies, rain cover, and a storage basket right under the seats, a fantastic braking system, and a compact fold.

It’s also stylish with a great lightweight frame, dual wheels, and a padded handlebar. The Maclaren Twin Triumph is made up of washable material. This stroller is suitable for children at or above the age of six months and requires no batteries in order to use.

Maclaren Twin Triumph

What The Users Say

To many clients the Maclaren Twin Triumph weight capacity is ideal for their needs. Its 5 point harness is awesome in securing the kids to their seats. The adjustable reclining seat with various seat positions is also ideal in resting the kids to their most comfortable positions.

In terms of the stroller’s safety many users agree that the independent canopies, rain covers, and UV protectors keep their babies safe from all harmful weather elements. The braking system stops the stroller right on track and the padded handle bars, suspensions, and duals wheels offer smooth rides.

Final Stroller Verdict

The stroller is a little pricey for many users but if you need something that’s efficient, light and durable, this stroller is one hell of bargain. So look no further simply if you want to savor in the value for your money think Twin Triumph.

6. Maclaren Twin Techno Black – The Best Everyday Stroller, Ideal for Transporting Two Different Aged Children, Built to last

Like its sister the Twin Triumph, the Maclaren Twin Techno perfectly steals the show in many ways. This stroller weighs 26.2 pounds. Arguably this stroller is the weightiest that my lightweight stroller collection carries.

Its dimensions stand at 35.4 x 24 x 41.1 inches making it one of the biggest too, it’s a miracle it requires no use of batteries. But which are some of the top features that this top double umbrella stroller has?

The Maclaren Twin Techno comes with a set of fully recline multi-position seats, extendable leg rests, removable machine washable seats, water proof hood blocks, large viewing window, ideal storage pocket, large storage compartment under the seats, reflective accents, carrying handle, expandable canopy, five point harness, and a light weight frame.

Above all that, the Maclaren Twin Techno comes with a 4 wheel suspension and an EXCLUSIVE Newborn Safety System. The stroller also carries up to 55 pounds of weight.

Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller

What The Users Say

Every Maclaren Twin Techno user loves the stroller, period! Reasons being, it is a sturdy stroller that gives them the opportunity to fully enjoy the value of what they spend on it.

They agree that, its multiple recline seat positions offer great comfort and view for their kids, that the under seat storage basket has an ideal capacity that comfortably allows them to use it as a shopping basket.

And that the reflective accents provide clear visions for other road uses when it’s dark. They’re in love with the 5 point harness that works easy and helps to secure their kids in place. But above all it’s the stroller’s EXCLUSIVE Newborn Safety System that provides protective head and foot barriers to cocoon newborns that kills it for them.

Final Stroller Verdict

The stroller is one of the top quality strollers for someone who loves style, durability, and a perfect guarantee when buying.

7. Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Umbrella Stroller – Lightweight, Narrow and Easily Collapsible Stroller for Parents On the Go

The Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Umbrella Stroller is a great lightweight stroller. It weighs 21.5 lbs, and measures 46.6”x18.9”x12” making it an awesome double lightweight stroller for your two lovely kids.

The stroller is very much compatible with the Graco Snug Ride Models infant car seats and comes with inbuilt car seats adaptor straps. It also has a removable canopy, and a lightweight aluminum frame.

When I looked at it I also found out that it has a one touch double brakes, includes a rain cover, removable cup holders, and a rear seat that reclines up to 1300. The stroller holds up to 50 pounds of weight for each seat. The stroller also has very strong wheels. Underneath the seats is a large storage compartment. The 5 point harness is also a signature design.

Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Umbrella Stroller

What The Users Say

Many users love the stroller because of its weight. They say it’s easy to carry around on trips. In addition to that they also love it because it is easy to collapse and to store. Its removable canopy gives it an awesome flexibility in use, and the strong wheels keep the movement smooth.

In fact when working with the inbuilt suspension, the 5 point harness that secures the babies to their seat and the one touch double brakes, it gives an awesome efficiency that enhances the stroller safety and leaves all the users greatly satisfied.

Final Stroller Verdict

For the perfect double umbrella stroller the Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Umbrella Stroller simply makes the cut. However the fact that it’s only compatible with a single infant car seat and that it a little pricey didn’t sink well with the many users whose reviews I read.

8. Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller – Travel Friendly, Easy Exploring Stroller for the Whole Family

If you are looking for a stroller that’s easy to operate but pretty cool for your kids comfort the Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller is the perfect fit. Fitted with a five pound harness system, 360 degrees swivel shock absorbing front wheels, lightweight frame, compact umbrella fold, the stroller measures 31 x 33 x 40 inches.

It has two independent canopies, a parent cup holder, double sets of wheels on each side of every padded seat, and a comfortable braking system. The stroller also has a customized storage pack on the back of the seats and is designed to fit through all standard doors.

Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

What The Users Say

According to many guys who own the Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller, the stroller’s canopy is an awesome addition that protects your little angels from rough weather, the swiveling shock absorbing wheels will provide easy maneuverability and a bumpy-less ride.

The padded seats are also cool when or rough paths and the five point harness secures your baby to their seat while on rides. The patent cup holders are ideal for storage of simple drinks while on the go and the compact umbrella fold for easy storage. Finally the shock absorbing wheels are also important in reducing friction and providing a bumpy-less ride.

Final Stroller Verdict

Seems like the stroller has no reclining seats, but all the same it’s extremely comfortable, easy to assemble, operate, and guide. For many guys who love to ride around with their kids with less weight, the Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller is your perfect choice and the good double umbrella stroller.

9. Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller – An Award Winning Stroller, Customized Travel System

I am not the kind of guy who easily falls for any baby stroller, but when we bumped on to the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller I was blown away, especially with the crimson version. With a patented quick fold technology, the stroller folds in one step.

Additionally, the stroller also has a front wheel suspension system, comfy padded seats that recline, large adjustable independent canopies with peek-a-boo windows, under seat storage compartments, dual swivel front wheels, and a large five point harness for every seat. The stroller also has a rear parking break, shoulder pads, buckle covers, and measures 41 x 41.9 x 30 inches.


What The Users Say

Users love the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller. According to most of them, the stroller captures the essence of modern mobility. Its lightweight design is perfect for running quick errands.

The independently reclined seats are cool for comfy carriage, the swiveling front wheel with suspensions provide bumpy-less rides with easy maneuverability.

The five point harness system secures the baby easily to their seats, while the stroller dimensions are perfect fit for any standard doors. The one step fold system is quick and super ideal for easy storage.  The canopies will protect the kid from harsh weather including sun’s harmful UV rays, rain, dust, and wind.

Final Stroller Verdict

In our view the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller is the excellent double Jogging stroller for urban rides, it is easy to push, fold, extra comfortable, and versatile. However the stroller lacks a baby or parent trays that would have been perfect for some simple on the go snacks.

10. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller – Amazing Double Stroller, Lightweight Narrow Design, Yet Stylish

You’re the parents of twins or multi-age children and love the idea of the side-by-side stroller, but you are confused what to buy to fit through the doorways, things will be easier for you with the Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller.

Despite the side-by-side sitting arrangement, this stroller has a narrow width that fits through the most doorways. This stroller comes with a new fashionable graphite gray frame along with a lot of great features- all at a reasonable price.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Narrow Width Design But Spacious

The stroller is only 30” width but provides ample room for your kids. It is easy to move and surprisingly fit through any doorways. You don’t need to fold the stroller to get in.

Better and Large Sealed Bearing  Wheels

This stroller features 9.5” rear wheel and 7” front wheels. These larger sealed bearing wheels ensure a smooth ride and excellent maneuverability. The double front wheels make the stroller more stable while rolling with two.

Independent Reclining Seat

Both the seats are fully adjustable and you can recline the seat independently. Each seat is equipped with adjustable 5- point harness and in-seat, in-seat mesh pocket. One-hand recline system is easy to operate and hassle free.

Extra large Canopy

Constructed with super durable 600D nylon, the extra-large canopies offer a sufficient shield from the harmful rays.

A lot of Storage Option

The stroller features two zipped pockets and a large storage basket underneath the seat. You can keep your valuables safe in these zipped pockets.

One-handed Folding System

The one-handed folding system allows you to fold the stroller in seconds.

What The Users Say

From many reviews and many users’ opinion, it is obviously a great stroller for the price. The happy users love this stroller because of its easy maneuverability, one-hand folding system, the massive storage, huge canopies, independent reclining seat and overall its stylish design.

Final Stroller Verdict

For the price, this is one of the quality double umbrella strollers in the market.

What To Look Out For Before Putting Your Baby On A Stroller

Like we have seen, buying a great stroller can be very tricky. But the most essential part comes in on what to look out for before putting your baby in that stroller that you just bought. Here are what you must watch out for.

The Age Of Your Baby

The baby’s age is very important. The baby has to be six months or more before you set them up for a ride in a stroller. Many stroller manuals will make this clear and if you want your baby to be safe you should adhere to it. In fact professional pediatricians also say the same.

Pediatrician’s Advice

Your baby could have special health needs that you might not be aware of. These needs could force them to stay out of a stroller’s until they knock a given age. Maybe until they are 8 months or more. Talking to you baby’s doctor can reveal this easily. So find out with them first.

Stroller Use Instruction

Well you have a great stroller in your baby nursery but do you really understand the instructions of use? Do you know how the brakes work? What about how to re adjust the canopy or the seat? All should be at your fingertips before setting your baby up for a ride to avoid any fatal ends.

Stroller Safety Checks

Not so far away from the instruction of use are the safety checks. This is common sense really for any caring parent. Like you would a car, check out if your stroller’s tires are in great shape, check if the braking system works, and if the 5 point harness locks and releases easy, you might also want to find out if the one step for system is in good shape.

Stroller Compatibility

Sometimes you might want to use other additional accessories with your stroller. These could in many occasions include a diaper bag, parent and baby tray, a cup holder, basinet, an infant car seat, or even an infant adapter. You should determine if your stroller is compatible to any of the top accessories that you’ve chosen to use before setting out.

Using a stroller is an awesome experience. I have been there before and am’ a simple on the go stroller mom who has never looked behind ever since I bought my first. I have also bought a few others for my loved ones and I can’t stop wanting more. Try out any of the best double umbrella strollers today to see how it works for you.

Six Types of Tools You Need to Maintain Your Stroller

Stroller maintenance is very important especially if you want your stroller to last longer. In order to keep your stroller in shape, you will require a number of tools to fix loose nuts, screws, and also to repair damaged areas.

Parents who are encountering such stroller problems for the very first time may not have a clue on which tools to go with. Here are a set of tools and equipment that will be of help in maintain your stroller to work efficiently.


Pliers will easily help you to cut off sections of broken or damaged wires in case you want to replace them. It is the one tool that will make your work easy if you also need to tighten a loose nut or to anchor a slipping nut.


If you have loose screws on tight stroller joints where pliers cannot access, you might be forced to use a screwdriver. They easily slip through tight joints to access head-tightening screws. They are good for a quick fix and should be a handy tool always.

Pocket Knifes

Pocket knives with a spey blade, pocket blade, or pen blade can also be of great help. You can often use the knife in place of a slip through screw driver.

Wire Cutter

This will be pretty important if you have an advanced stroller fixing knowledge. It could easily help you to fix your stroller speakers and possibly inbuilt music systems in strollers. They also work so well if you take them with the multi-screwdriver.


For nuts that are exposed, you can always use a spanner instead of pliers. Spanners come in different shapes and also spanner head sizes. They rarely interfere with the nut threads and are actually the best way to tighten nuts.

Spanner can also be used when replacing the inner tube of a stroller’s tire. You can use it to anchor a section of the tire so you can have an easy access to the inner stroller tube. This is also good when fixing a puncture in the tire.

Adjustable Wrench

Small size adjustable wrench is good for strollers. Because it can be adjusted, it can fit well in different sizes of measurement systems. With a few turns and your bolts and nuts will be in place.


Using a stroller is an awesome experience. I have been there before and am’ a simple on the go stroller mom who has never looked behind ever since I bought my first. I have also bought a few others for my loved ones and I can’t stop wanting more. Try out any of the top double umbrella strollers today to see how it works for you.

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