Baby Pillow for Flat Head

Flat head syndrome is common in new born babies. It refers to a condition where the baby’s head develops a flat spot. This flat spot occurs when a lot of pressure is exerted on a particular area of the head. There are two conditions that refer to the flat head; Brachycephaly refers to when the baby’s head becomes flattened at the back. Plagiocephaly occurs when the baby’s head becomes flattened on one side and makes it look asymmetrical.

Baby Pillow for Flat Head

Baby Pillow for the flat head is gentle pillows designed to support the baby’s head. It enables the head to move side to side naturally hence reducing the chances of developing a flat spot on the head. The following are Baby Pillow for Flat Head discussed in details;

1. Mimos Baby Pillows



These are baby pillows for the flat head which are well designed for prevention and correction of the baby flat head syndrome. They are specialized purposely to aid in shaping the baby’s head. They also help to reduce pressure on baby’s head allowing it to move freely in a healthy way. They ensure that the baby is always comfortable during its sleep.

How to use Mimos baby pillow

This pillow is easy to use. You hold the baby’s head gently and place it on the pillow. On the pillow, there is a space designed to help the baby’s head rest. This ensures that the natural shape of the head is maintained.

Advantages of Mimos baby pillow

It treats and keeps the baby safe from flat head syndrome. It allows the baby’s head and neck to move freely in any direction. It is comfortable, soft and compact. It is machine washable and fast drying. Highly hygienic and anti-allergic. It allows the baby to breathe easily which makes it highly recommended by doctors and pediatrician. It is stocked in all sizes for all babies.

2. Baby Sabai Pillow



This baby pillow for flat head is made specifically to prevent and correct flat head syndrome.

Advantages of Sabai Pillow

It is hygienic and anti-allergic. This reduces the risk of dust and germs thus keeping the pillow safe for the baby. It is made from high density memory foam. The cover is made of soft cotton thus making it ideal for baby’s head to rest and minimize the risk of flat head syndrome. It is perfectly designed in such a way that their shape minimizes pressure on baby’s head. It also facilitates healthy movements of the head hence making the baby more comfortable especially when asleep.

3. Babymoon Pod Pillow



This pillow is designed for head and neck support. It has an opening creating two overlapping arms and its shape resembles a donut. When these two arms are connected they create head support. This pillow limits the movements of the baby’s head. This leads to an oblique formation of the skull hence strengthening the neck muscles.

Advantages of Babymoon pillow

This pillow is made of soft fabric which aids in supporting the baby’s head comfort. It is not fluffy hence ensuring the baby’s safety. BabyMoon pillow has multiple uses of supporting the head and the neck, it can be used in car seats, strollers, and some baby carriers. One of the great benefits is the easy care feature since it is a machine washable item.

Disadvantages of Babymoon pillow

It is not advisable to use inside a baby crib as it can lead to suffocation. The babies should not be left lying on the pillow for a long period of time without supervision.

4. Clevamama Memory Foam Pillow



This is a baby pillow for flat head.
It is designed to help minimize the flat head syndrome in babies. This pillow reduces the pressure on baby’s skull. It allows the head of the baby to rest comfortably in a well aired position.

Advantages of Clevamama memory foam pillow

It is lighter and allows the baby to breathe without difficulties thus helping reduce suffocation of the baby.

5. Babymoov Lovenest Pillow



This is a heart shaped baby pillow for flat head which provides gentle support. The head support was designed specifically to incline and protect the baby’s skull enabling the head to move freely. It cradles the baby’s head rather than resting against the flat mattress hence minimizing the development of flat head syndrome.

Advantages of Babymoov Lovenest pillow

It is well perforated hence anti-suffocating baby pillow. It is compact and light in weight hence offering extra comfort. It provides good head support and helps in growth problem in babies. It is machine washable and made of pure cotton. It helps prevent flat head syndrome.

6. Theraline Baby Pillow



This pillow is designed to ensure safety and comfort of the baby’s head. It provides an even and effective head support for your baby. It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for sleep and tummy time. The 3D spacer fabric provides proper airflow, soft touch, optimal elasticity, and easy head transfer for any baby. Anatomically shaped pillow top and perforated high-tech fabric allow the baby to turn and rest on the hole hence minimizing the breathing problems.

Advantages of Theraline baby pillow

It helps maintain the natural shape, as well as even temperature around the baby’s head. It is comfortable, safe, hygienic, and can prevent or correct deformed head areas. All of the benefits are greatly appreciated by the customers which in turn is reflected in the ratings .

7. Boppy Flat Head Pillow



This is a patented, well designed cut-out pillow that relieves pressure while keeping your baby’s head safely cradled. It can be used to prevent, as well as to treat the flat head syndrome. This pillow can go on larger beds, strollers, or car seats. Boppy flat head pillow looks like a bed, it’s fully padded, and it’s good for babies 0 – 4 monts old . It is comfortable, easy to install, and machine washable.

How To Prevent And Minimize The Flat Head Syndrome In Babies

The mothers should ensure that the baby has some tummy time where they sleep on their tummies for a short period while under supervision. The baby should also be swapped on the opposite sides to encourage them to turn their head and face away from the flattened side.


All parents should be advised on safe sleeping sides for babies. Also, they should get the right baby pillow for flat head. It is recommended to consult a pediatrician to give you advise and tips on how to position the baby while feeding, laying them down or when sleeping.

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