Amerisleep Colonial Mattress Review

Wanting a memory foam mattress but has cooler feel? Think of Amerisleep Colonial mattress, one of the softest level and most cushioned from this line.

More importantly, Amerisleep Colonial mattress is one of most innovative advanced models from Amerisleep mattress. The mattress is manufactured by using a smart combination of Celliant and advanced cooling technology. If you are curious about Celliant and this special technology, take time to read my full Amerisleep Colonial Mattress Review.

Additionally, this mattress review also offers a lot of useful information related to the Amerisleep Colonial mattress.

Amerisleep Colonial’s Materials


Amerisleep Colonial mattress is constructed by using three layers of foam with total 13 inches in height.

Amerisleep Colonial foam layers

Amerisleep Colonial foam layers

Top layer – this layer is built from a 2.0″ of Bio-Pur+ memory foam. This material is best known for great feel and pressure relief. What makes it more special? It is a patented foam developed by Amerisleep. In addition, the manufacturing process to produce this foam is called reticulation. With this process, the foam remains intact after processing. Furthermore, it offers better coolness and breathability.

Middle layer – the middle layer is made of a 4-inch foam that has a density of 1.65 pounds. To make this foam, Amerisleep uses Surface Modification Technology (SMT), which is used only in Amerisleep’s advanced models. In addition, the foam is also designed to enhance the breathability by using a large rolls to create the specific patterns on the foam. Along with that, these patterns also helps to redistribute the pressure points at desired areas.

Bottom layer – a 7.0″ bio support foam is used for the bottom layer. It is fairly strong to acts as a foundational base.


There is no complaint about the Amerisleep Colonial’ cover. It is completely good from the look. Though it is subtle traditional, but still luxury enough.

Interestingly, there are several great things to talk about the material of the cover: first, it is constructed from a blend of 21% Celliant, 2% spandex, and 77% polyester. However, these properties are unevenly distributed across the entire the piece of fabric. Celliant is focuses on the top part, meanwhile, along the edge is 100% polyester.

Second, what is Celliant? It is constructed from special thermo-reactive mineral. Ideally, this thread can turn body temperature into infrared light – a good energy used to relieve pains. Also, according to Amerisleep website, there was study that tested out this celliant fibers, people lying on celliant fibers fell asleep faster than those who do not.

Close up of the cover and mesh side panel

Close up of the cover and mesh side panel

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Comfort Feel and Support

Amerisleep Colonial mattress is designed to be very soft to feel, making it ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers. When lying down on the mattress, the first feel is like you are lying in quicksand, but it is far different from the “stuck” feel. Because this is a responsive foam, it provides softness but doesn’t sacrifice the support. Side sleepers will feel more hug around their shoulders and hips instead. However, in terms of bounce, this mattress doesn’t perform as well as latex does, though, it is still in an excellent level.

In addition, it is missing when not mentioning again about the Celliant, which can regulate the body temperature, and then turn it into a useful energy. It sounds smart, right? Furthermore, when going through reticulation process, the foam is many times better than others at letting air flow through the mattress. When these are combined together, the mattress maximize the comfort during all night long for sleepers, especially for hot sleepers.

How about the motion transfer and sinkage? These are important things to concern when choosing a good mattress for couples. Many reviewers tests on motion transfer this mattress perform, the end results shows positively, meaning it is excellent to minimize motion transfer. For the sinkage test, Amerisleep Colonial mattress has a strong edge, which can provide good support.

The porous open cell structure of the memory foam layer. This helps improve cooling


Think Amerisleep is the right choice for you?

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Additional Information

  • Warranty – unlike other mattresses, Amerisleep Colonial offers up to 20 years. It is very, very long, isn’t it?
  • Where it is made? – It is manufactured completely in USA
  • Trial period – you can have an Amerisleep Colonial mattress as a try for 90 days
  • Refunds and Exchanges – you are guaranteed to refund 100% money back within the trial period if you don’t content with your experience
  • Amerisleep has been in the market for over 10 years, long enough to be widely known as a reputable brand. Plus, they also has a showroom in Scottsdale if you are interested in.
  • Aside this model, this line has 4 different mattress with different firmness levels, check it out for your right preference if this is not your right one
  • This models comes as the highest prices of all mattresses from this Amerisleep’s line

Amerisleep Colonial Mattress is Highly Recommended for?

  • People love side sleepers, back sleepers and hot sleepers
  • Who love memory foam mattress
  • Who are curious about how Celliant is beneficial to health
  • People looking for the very soft mattresses
  • People needs a mattress to sleep with a partner
  • People take a long-year warranty into an important consideration


Obviously Amerisleep Colonial mattress is best when taking its construction into consideration. It is well-constructed. The materials used for layers are high quality ones. In addition, overall assessment for its function is good enough to be voted as a best mattress, great cushion and softness, having support and less motion transfer.

More importantly, Celliant is my most favorite about this mattress. How about you? Are you curious about Celliant? And have you ever heard of this in any mattress reviews?

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