10 tips that will help kids sleep

baby-sleepingAs a parent, you know the side effects on your children if they are not having a good night sleep. Sleepless nights can cause various problems among kids, including crankiness, behavioral issues, learning and attention problems, and also, some severe health concerns like obesity, etc. Some children have trouble falling asleep, which is called insomnia. It is considered as a sleeping disorder which causes the following impacts on children:
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  • Difficulty in falling asleep
  • Kids waking up before the sunrise
  • Kids waking up too often in the night and having difficulty going back to sleep
  • After waking up, kids feel tired

When it comes to poor sleep, the reasons can differ, but, many parents blame the technology and media as they believe these are the main interferes in their kid’s routine bedtime and sleep. The studies show the effects of technology on kids good night sleep is one of the main reasons. But, it is also important to understand that certain behaviors are also linked with poor sleep conditions.

Bedtime Fears

bedtime fearSome kids have bedtime fears, and they feel worried and scared at night, which leads to a difficulty in falling asleep. Some children are scared of the dark or being alone at home, and they can imagine some noises to worsen their fear factor.
As the kids grow big, these kinds of fears gradually go away, but, until they understand the facts you should make sure that the kids room is peaceful and relaxed, and make them feel the same. Make their room according to their choice of wall colors, wallpapers, etc., and put their favorite pictures and interesting stuff on the walls.


nightmare kidSome kids get nightmares which cause them to have sleepless nights. It is hard to get sleep if the kids get a scary dream, it makes them feel that it is real. If it is the reason for your child’s poor sleep, then talk to them and help them understand the reality. Don’t let your kid watch scary movies or violent movies on TV, or tell them to stop reading horror stories before bedtime. Make your kids read happy and cheerful books before bedtime. For younger kids, play some soothing music when they are sleeping. Here you can find ten tips for your child’s good night sleep.

1. Physical Activity

physical activityEncourage your children to go out and play games instead of watching TV after coming back from school. If they get tired after physical activity, then your kids can get better sleep. The studies also proved that after a healthy physical activity during the day can help kids sleep better.

2. Put away Electronic Devices

keep-calm-and-put-away-all-electronic-devicesSwitch off all the electronic devices when your child goes to sleep. In your child’s room, only the bed light should be on, nothing else. Keep the Smartphone, laptops and tablets away from the kids.

3. Use a Comprehensive Approach

Follow the universal plan, which includes a healthy diet, a soothing daytime sleep, and a steady day and night routine. Before you put them to sleep, give them lots of hugs and kisses, and tell them you will be around if they need you. A constructive sleeping pattern allows your kids come out from their fears and nightmares.

4. Play soothing music before bedtime

music for bedtimeIn today’s busy schedule, it is hard to provide a calm environment for babies or toddlers. Now, the technology also improved a lot; you can easily download soothing musical apps like White Noise in your Android or iOS for just 1.99 dollars, or download white noise baby into your Smartphone just for 0.99 dollars. Play this soothing music to your kids before bedtime; it will help them sleep peacefully.

5. Maintain Consistency

consistencyMake sure to put your kids to sleep at the same time every night. If you maintain the consistency in sleeping time and patterns, your children can get used to that time, and they automatically fall asleep at the same time every night. This approach helps the kids sleep better.

6. Control the children from watching the Violent Content

violent contentThe younger kids, especially 8-year-olds learn the violence quickly watching TV shows, or Videos. Also, the video game and violence in movies can quickly and directly affect them, and it leads to poor sleep. That is why as a parent, it is important to control your kids from watching violent videos or movies and help them avoid getting nightmares.

7. Try an Early Bedtime

early bedtimeIf your child is awake all the night, and it is a challenging task for you to put your child to sleep, then try an early bedtime than what you usually put them to bed. This process can help them sleep as they feel tired and sleep happily; you will be surprised see your kid’s happy and smooth sleep.

8. No Television in the Bedroom

no television in bedroomIt’s a big NO, and all parents must follow the rule. Never put a TV connection in the bedroom. It is one of the main reasons for poor sleep. Though the kids feel sleepy, if the TV is on, they will keep awake till you switch off the TV. Also, for teens, avoid Wi-Fi connection into their bedrooms. Make sure to have an online connection to common areas like in a living room or a dining room. And, keep the phone away from kids before bedtime.

9. Lessen Your TV time

Watch TV timeWatch the Television for a limited period and follow a routine of taking a bath before sleeping, reading a book and keep the surrounding clean and pleasant. All these simple things can help your kid sleep better.

10. Be an Ideal

As a parent, you must follow every rule that you implement them on your child. Rules are for everyone, it is always better if you practice what you preach. Kids automatically follow you so be an ideal for your kids and help your child sleep better.

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