Wonder Box Subscriptions Help Kids Get Ready for School

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Wonder Box Subscriptions Help Kids Get Ready for School

For toddlers, hands-on projects are a great way to develop the skills they need to get ready for school. Craft projects, science experiments, and musical activities teach about shapes, colors, letters, and numbers while helping kids develop patience and hand-eye coordination.

Unfortunately, many parents find the idea of planning these types of kid-friendly projects kind of overwhelming. If you want to do educational projects with your children, but don’t have the time to shop for supplies or can’t figure what an age appropriate activity would be, a subscription to Education.com’s new Wonder Box service is a fabulous idea.

A Wonder Box is a collection of themed activities for kids ages 3 to 6 covering everything from how to make your own kaleidoscope and designing a sticker mosaic to whipping up a batch of homemade kick-the-can ice cream.

Boxes are planned by experts from Education.com and are available either on a monthly basis or as part of a subscription plan. You can even give Wonder Boxes as a gift, which would be a great idea for grandparents or aunts and uncles who want to give a special child a unique yet useful birthday present.

As a parent, I like the idea that Wonder Boxes promote creative and imaginative play. I also appreciate that they are designed to be gender neutral. When he was a toddler, I made sure my son had access to dolls and play food as well as toy cars and superhero action figures. I appreciate when companies make an effort to provide activities that don’t try to force kids into stereotypical gender roles.

What do you think of Wonder Box subscriptions? Is this something you’d like for your child?

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  • http://www.livingthescream.com/ Carly Kerby

    My 3 yr old would love these so much. All my girls would. Since tin is summer time I hear the dreaded were bored comments every single day!