Wee Gallery Photo Clip Mobile Is a Versatile Addition to Baby’s Room

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Wee Gallery Photo Clip Mobile Is a Versatile Addition to Baby’s Room

When my son was born, we tried our hardest to decorate the nursery with items that could easily be repurposed as he got older.

For example, instead of a changing table, we had a dresser with a cloth changing pad on top of it. Instead of a toy box with cartoon characters on it, I picked up bright plastic bins in different shades of blue that we’re still using eight years later.

If you share my appreciation for multi-purpose items, check out this Wee Gallery photo clip mobile on Amazon. The mobile has a simple wire frame and clips that you can us to hang family photos, flash cards, postcards, or whatever else you can think of to make a cute decoration for the nursery.

Since it’s so easy to swap out what is being displayed, you can just keep changing it as your child grows and his interests evolve. Eventually, you could use it to display his drawings or school  projects.

Since the mobile is only $12, this is also a thrifty purchase. Most mobiles I’ve seen to coordinate with popular nursery themes cost two or three times this much and wouldn’t be too useful once your child is out of the crib.

The only potential downside to this mobile that I can see from reading the reviews is that a few people mentioned the clips leave small indentations on whatever you’re hanging. So, I would definitely make copies of anything that has great value before you add it to the mobile.

What do you think of this Wee Gallery photo clip mobile? Is this something you’d use in your baby’s nursery?

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