Victorias Secrets Forbidden Vanilla Scent Is Cozy, Sexy, and Delicious

Victorias Secret lured me into their store with a coupon for a free body spray from the Fantasies line. Im not a huge fan of very many of their typical scents, which are often a little too sharp and fruity for me, but I also hate to turn down freebies, so I went to see if they had anything new.

There was a new set of products under the Fantasies umbrella called Midnight Exotics, and I gave the vanilla one a try. The packaging and website describe the notes of this one as vanilla noir and velvet teakwood.

There is more depth and warmth here than you would get in your traditional vanilla. Its sultrier than the Vanilla Lace, which smells like cake to me (this doesnt smell like food). If velvet had a scent, this is probably what it would smell like, so I like that its used in the description. Its sweet without being juvenile, with the woodsy feel of teakwood, and though it isnt listed, I feel like theres a barely-there hint of dark berries.

I ended up going back for five more products since they were 5/$30 (the only thing I dont have is the hand and body cream). The scent is just as heavenly from one product to the next, which is a nice change since Ive gotten collections before where only the lotion and body wash smelled good, but the scrub and hand cream smelled odd.

Heres the run down:

Body scrub: This is a sugar scrub that makes my skin feel smoother and look brighter. I love that it just dissolves away and leaves my skin feeling moist and healthy.

Fragrance mist: This is the product that started it all, but the scent doesnt last very long. I found myself spraying it on several times a day and it never really lingered like I wanted it to. I like to spritz it over my hair and put it on before I go to bed, but its no replacement for perfume.

Eau de toilette: Sadly, this isnt as long-lasting or potent as I wanted it to be, either. Its stronger than the fragrance mist and more of it comes out with each spray so its more concentrated on the spots where it hits your skin, but it only lasts a few hours. If youre choosing between this and the fragrance spray, I recommend this one.

Body butter: This has the same gorgeous scent as the other products, and I found that it absorbs better than a lot of other body butters Ive tried. It has shea and jojoba butters, and vitamin E. Im not sure Im patient enough to scoop this out and rub it all over my body, but I do love it for my hands, feet, and other rough spots. The scent lingers a while, but its not very strong.

Body wash: The only things I look for in a body wash are scent and their ability to leave my skin feeling clean, but not dried out. This one excels at both.

Body lotion: This is lightweight and spreads easily. It probably isnt the best for the driest of skin, but its good maintenance and better than nothing when youre in a hurry.

Layering these products (at least the wash or scrub with a lotion and maybe the mist or EDT) will make the scent last more than just the couple of hours that any single product would offer, but Ive never felt like there was a huge cloud of fragrance hovering in the air around me.

This scent sticks close to the skin, at least on me, but its cozy and sensual, perfect for cooler months. Also, because the scents light, I feel like these products wouldnt interfere too much with other perfumes.

Photo credit: Victorias Secret

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