Vat19 Lets You Enjoy Soup and Crackers in Style

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Vat19 Lets You Enjoy Soup and Crackers in Style

Do you like crackers with your soup? My family eats a lot of soup during the winter months, but we’re torn on the addition of crackers.

My husband hates crackers, my son likes a small amount of crackers, and I would be happy crumbling up half the box to add to my bowl of piping hot soup. I regularly add more crackers to my soup halfway through eating it!

Since I love crackers so much, these adorable soup and cracker mugs from Vat19 are on my holiday wish list. They are microwave and dishwasher safe with a capacity of 16 ounces.

This is handy because most canned soups are 16 ounces. I make my own chili, but I’m generally much to lazy to go through the trouble of making my own soup. For me, the main appeal of soup is that all I have to do is open a can and heat it up.

If you’re like my husband and not a fan of crackers, you can also use the mug for carrots and dip or chips and salsa. This would be a cute way to serve a healthy after school snack to your kids.

Vat19 customers have also pointed out that the mug would be great for a painter’s brushes and water.

The mugs are made of white ceramic porcelain and come in a set of two for just $11.99, which makes them a great bargain in my book. Shipping on all orders from Vat19 is a flat rate $4.99 unless you spend more than $125.

What do you think of this soup and cracker mug?

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