Unclog Drains in a Hurry with the Zip-It

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Unclog Drains in a Hurry with the Zip-It

One of the downsides of having really long hair is that my sinks tend to get clogged really easily. Over the years, I’ve tried just about every brand of drain cleaner known to man. I even resulted to calling a plumber a couple of times before I learned about the Zip-It.

The Zip-It from Cobra Products is a nifty piece of plastic with teeth on it. You simply push it down the drain, then pull it back out. The sharp teeth grab onto the hair or whatever is clogging the drain.

I love the Zip-It because it’s quick, non-toxic, and totally environmentally safe. When I was using Draino and Liquid Plumber, I always worried about my son or my cat sneaking into the bathroom before I had a chance to get everything cleaned up.

With the Zip-It, the entire process is done in just a few minutes. It’s completely disgusting to see all the “gunk” clogging up the drain, but I figure that’s a sure fire sign the Zip-It is doing its job.

The Zip-It is very affordable compared to chemical drain cleaners, but it can be hard to find in local stores. I usually end up ordering mine online.

The Zip-It is intended for one use only, but you can usually squeeze a few uses out of it if you clean it in between times. Wear heavy work gloves to protect your hands though, because the plastic teeth are sharper than they look.

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