Umbilical Cord Art: Cool or Just Plain Icky?

Honestly, the whole childbirth experience creeped me out. I was in pain and terrified. There was lots of screaming, swearing, and icky bodily fluids. The healthy baby at the end was a nice plus, but I really don’t care to think about the experience any more than I have to.

It’s been eight years and I still cringe whenever I see women giving birth on TV.

That being said, I suppose I can see the appeal of Little Cord Art. People collect one-of-a-kind art for their homes, and what could possibly be more unique than art made from an image of your baby’s umbilical cord?

Little Cord Art takes an umbilical cord specimen from your baby and applies stains to make the cellular details more visible before photographing the slide. Then, the photo is printed with archival ink on high-quality canvas and stretched over a frame to produce a gallery-worthy piece of art.

After browsing through the images on the Little Cord Art website, I can admit that I see the visual appeal of the final framed art. The photographs have a modern, abstract look to them that would be at home in a contemporary decor scheme. If I saw something like this hanging in a museum, I would like it.

However, I’m just not sure I could get over the “ick” factor of knowing what my umbilical cord art represented. Plus, I wouldn’t want to have to explain it whenever people came to visit and saw it on my wall. I’m way too squeamish to want to have conversations about childbirth on a regular basis.

What do you think? Are you grossed out by the idea of Little Cord Art or would you like your baby’s umbilical cord hanging in your home?

Photo credit: Little Cord Art

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