Treat Your Kids to Drinks with Shark Fin Ice Cubes

I have an embarrassingly large collection of silicone ice cube trays. I have hearts, stars, pumpkins, skulls, Lego men, numbers, letters, and a dozen or so other designs.

However, I’m thinking that I may need to make room for this shark fin ice cube tray in my collection.

You can buy the shark fin ice cube tray on the Perpetual Kid website for $11.49. Although it’s pricey for an ice cube tray, it’s a quick and easy way to make a special treat for your children.

The shark fin ice cube tray is made of high quality silicone and makes five ice cubes at a time. Since this is not very many ice cubes, I’m assuming you’re supposed to used crushed ice or regular square cubes for most of your drink and just top it off with a single shark fin.

Although my son would get a kick out of shark fin ice cubes anytime of year, I think it would be fun to have a summertime pool party and serve blue raspberry punch or Kool-Aid topped off with shark fin ice cubes.

The product description suggests adding red food coloring to the ice cubes to give them a “bloody” look, but this is a little too gross for my tastes. As far as I’m concerned, anything relating to blood doesn’t belong near my beverage.

The only potential drawback to this cute ice cube tray is that a few reviewers reported difficulty getting the shark fins to float properly and said you might need to flick the cubes after you stick in your drink to get them to float upright.

What do you think? Would your children love a drink with shark fin ice cubes?

Photo credit: Perpetual Kid

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