The Stila In the Light Palette Is All You Need for Gorgeous Eyes

I thought I loved Urban Decay’s Naked palette (and I still do, really) until I tried the In the Light palette from Stila ($39.00 at Sephora). You get 10 versatile, neutral eye shadows and a matte brown Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner (Damsel).

I’ve been a huge fan of Kitten for years for its blendability, sheen, and soft texture, and that shade is included in this palette. In addition, you get a short and sweet lookbook with ideas for everything from very simple, neutral looks to smoky eye shadow looks.

They’re all gorgeous and wearable, but the book itself isn’t that durable. I’ve pulled it out a couple of times and it’s already trying to fall apart. The quality of the shadows and liner make up for that, though. In my opinion, they rank up there in quality with the shadows in the Dior quints, which cost $59.00 per set.

I think this set would flatter any eye color, but it’s especially pretty on blue and green eyes. The Sunset shade on the lid with Gilded Gold in the crease and Bare on the brow bone is my go-to look for blue eyes. Kitten’s always a gorgeous inner corner highlight color regardless of lid and crease colors since it’s a shimmering champagne shade.

I always use Too Faced Shadow Insurance when I take the time to put on eye shadow, and with that, these shadows last all day on me.

They’re buttery and smooth, catch just enough light to brighten up my eye area without looking glittery (Night Sky looks glittery in the palette but it didn’t look like glitter once I applied it, just shimmer), and I barely have to work to make one blend into the next.

The eyeliner is the darkest brown, goes on without any tugging, and smudges easily when you go over it with a brush. It doesn’t smudge unless I want it to, so when I’m done with my makeup, it doesn’t budge.

This is probably the best palette I’ve ever tried.

Photo credit: Sephora

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