The Squid Travel Bag Organizer Is a Winner

My husband likes to tease me about my obsession with storage containers. I am convinced that if I could just find the right containers for my stuff, I’d never find myself digging for misplaced items again.

If you share my belief in the power of finding the right container for your stuff, you will definitely want to check out the Squid travel bag organizer.

It is amazing how much stuff you can cram into this. It looks small at first, but expands to fit a ton of stuff. The bag has two zipper compartments, an expandable middle compartment with handles that can be used as the open space inside your purse, and small stretchable mesh pockets on both sides.

The Squid travel bag organizer is great for corralling all those little odds and ends that moms carry around in their purse. Even though my son is long past the diaper stage, I still can produce crayons, Hot Wheels, and hand sanitizer on demand!

My Squid travel bag organizer also has a few reusable shopping bags, my coupon collection, my wallet, loose change for vending machines, hair ties, a hair brush, and a book of stamps. It keeps everything I need in order and it’s easy to just pop it out and drop it into a different purse if needed.

I use the Squid travel bag organizer to keep all the junk in my purse in order, but this would also be a great way to store odds and ends in your car or to organize a child’s craft supplies for an on-the-go art kit.

Disclaimer: A Squid travel bag organizer was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.

Photo credit: SquidPack

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