The Popular Mechanics Radio Controlled Tank Is a Great Rainy Day Activity for Curious Kids

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The Popular Mechanics Radio Controlled Tank Is a Great Rainy Day Activity for Curious Kids

If you’re looking for a fun, yet inexpensive, activity for your curious child, the Popular Mechanics Radio Controlled Tank on the Radio Shack website is a steal at $19.97.

Of all of the different “make your own toy” kits my son has tried, this was the easiest to put together. I found it especially helpful that the instructions were in color, since this made it easier to make sure we were assembling everything to look exactly like it was supposed to.

Be advised that the tank does require six AAA batteries – three for the tank itself and three for the controller. Most kids will want to play with it as soon as they’re done, so buy the batteries before you start the project.

The gun on the top of the tank does not move, which younger kids might find a little disappointing. But, the controls on the tank itself are surprisingly good.

It was easy to maneuver the tank around our home on both carpet and tiled floors. In fact, the controls were better on this tank than on most of the other pre-assembled radio controlled vehicles my son has had in the past.

Once you get the toy together, it’s still fairly easy to snap apart. I like this because my son often wants to take apart things to see how they work, and I’m not really sure he understood the process of putting the tank together the first time.

But, being able to snap it apart means the tank is kind of fragile. Do not let your child drive it into a walls or run it off a table.

Disclaimer: A sample Popular Mechanics Radio Controlled Tank was provided by Radio Shack for the purpose of preparing this review.

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  • MomHomeGuide

    My daughter would love this! She has put a few simple Robot kits together (e.g., tin can robot — with the help of her dad!) but this might be more fun.


    We shop at Radio Shack a lot for projects. I haven’t noticed this there yet, but I will definitely look for it.  It looks pretty cool.