The Pinkie Pie and Diamond Rose My Little Pony Set Is a Step Up from the Normal Ponies

My daughter’s obsessed with My Little Pony and loves all things sparkly. This Crystal Empire set combines two of her loves into one, and she gets a double-dose of My Little Pony happiness.

We have no idea who Diamond Rose is, but it didn’t seem to bother her too much once she got a good look at those sparkling wings. Pinkie Pie’s her favorite, and even she was taken up a notch with tinsel-like strands of hair thrown into her normal mane.

You may come out cheaper to purchase two separate ponies from the regular line, but if you’re looking for a special gift priced around $25, look for these.

Girls will love the wings and the way those and the hair catch the light when they play, but as far as I know, these aren’t sold individually at all. You can get Pinkie Pie alone but she won’t have a sparkly mane. I’ve never seen Diamond Rose sold by herself.

Even when not in use, these ponies make a cute addition to the top of a dresser or nightstand. My daughter has a few of them that stay on display in her room until she’s ready to play with them. This set comes with a comb and is recommended for ages four and up.

You can find it at Target or online at stores like Toy Wiz.

Photo credit: ToyWiz

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