The Period Tracker Lite App Makes It Easy to Keep Track of Your Cycle

I’ve always hated when paperwork at the doctor’s office asks when my last period was, because most of the time, I have no idea.

I would always try to remember to mark it down in my calendar, but then when the time came to answer the question, my calendar was still at home. A lot of good that did. I usually just figure out when it’s just around the corner by the symptoms I have.

The Period Tracker Lite app is going to be with you when you need it if you take your cell phone everywhere you go.

Just remember to open the app and tap the screen when your period starts, then do the same thing when it ends. You’ll get an estimated length of your cycle after a few months, plus a record of your cycle through the months.

There’s also a countdown so you know how long you have left and when you need to start stocking the house with chocolate for the safety of everyone else under the same roof.

You can make notes for yourself, see on the calendar when your fertile days are and when you’ll ovulate (of course this is just going to be an estimate and I wouldn’t trust it completely!). There’s even the option to keep up with your symptoms, mood swings, temperature, and more.

If you’re trying to get pregnant, you can get a fertility alert or ovulation alert in advance. If you’d just like to be reminded that you should be expecting your period soon, you can schedule an alert that you’ll get (discreetly) a few days out. You won’t even have to remember to open the app and check.

The tracker is free and I love it. I highly recommend it.

Photo credit: TORLEY

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