The Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Cupcakes

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The Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Cupcakes

I don’t get in the mood to bake often, but cupcakes are one of my favorite things to make when the urge for something sweet strikes. I’m not a great decorator though.

I appreciate the artistry involved in frosting cupcakes to look like Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and the rest of the Sesame Street gang. But, whenever I try anything that involves a pastry bag and decorating tip, the results end up looking more like a child’s finger painting than a favorite television icon.

Since I’m limited to sprinkles, colored frosting, and cupcake toppers for my decorating projects, I love this bag of novelty cupcake toppers. It’s a completely random assortment of odds and ends to finish off your cupcakes.

You can purchase the surprise novelty grab bag of cupcake toppers for $9.00 on the Bake It Pretty website. The eight ounce bag is supposed to contain approximately 90 pieces, so you’d have enough to bake treats for quite a large group.

Since the cupcake toppers don’t match, they wouldn’t work for a theme party. But, if you’re decorating cupcakes with your kids, this bag looks like it would be a blast to sort through in order to find the perfect topper for each sweet treat. Throw in a bunch of sprinkles and a few different colors of frosting and you have the perfect recipe for some cheap entertainment.

In addition to the bag of random cupcake toppers, Bake It Pretty has an impressive collection of cupcake liners in pretty much every color and pattern you can imagine.

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    These novelty cupcake toppers look like fun. My kids would love them — especially since I’m not especially talented at frosting cupcakes!