The Ojon Rare Blend Oil for Hair Could Convince You to Love Your Hair

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The Ojon Rare Blend Oil for Hair Could Convince You to Love Your Hair

Sometimes I’m convinced that I have the world’s worst hair. It’s fine, but there’s a lot of it. It gets frizzy very easily, and it’s wavy in a non-cute way, but flat on top. The ends always look dry and poke out.

It’s rare that I find a product that works so well for me that I want to shout it from the rooftops. A lot of them are “okay” but the effects seem to wear off over the course of a few hours, or I’ll get one positive (like shine) in exchange for a negative (limp hair).

I was a fan of straight argan oil for a while, but sometimes it seemed a little too light even for my fine hair. Then I moved on to a heavier argan oil treatment that was a little too heavy.

When I got a sample of Ojon Rare Blend Oil with a Sephora order, I was a little skeptical and almost didn’t try it. Honestly, the layers of color are what caught my eye and made me give it a try. What can I say, I’m easily intrigued.

Boy, am I glad these natural oils from around the world come in colors stacked on top of each other (red, clear, and yellow—or amber, crystal, and red as the product description says). It’s the best one I’ve used yet as long as I don’t overdo it.

It’s about the same consistency of argan oil, but it makes my hair shinier, easier to manage, softer, and I think the ends even behave better. It’s not going to give me a sleek, sexy look alone, of course, but it’s good to start my attempt at styling my hair with some momentum.

I shake the sample vial (I have yet to purchase the whole bottle since a little goes a long way and I don’t wash my hair every day), apply it to the whole length of my towel-dried hair, sans roots, and comb it through. Then I air-dry or style it with a blow dryer.

My hairdresser recently told me that my hair is feeling “so much better,” and she attributes it to my laying off the boxes of drugstore hair dye. Little does she know, it’s actually this. Unless you go overboard (I use about a dime-sized amount for my shoulder-length hair), you don’t even notice it’s there; your hair just looks and behaves so much better than usual.

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