The Mustache Mug Is Giggle-Worthy

Something about this mustache mug made it hard to resist.

I almost walked past it in Target where it was standing with a few other Valentine’s Day kitchen items, but it caught my attention.

I got the turquoise one and I can’t remember if they had the red and pink one or not. I love the Tiffany blue interior and the accents on the handle, and of course the mustache just makes me laugh a little on the inside every time I hold it up to my lips.

Maybe I’m just easily amused. I love drinking from this cup, but I would also leave it on display somewhere, either in the kitchen or as a pencil holder in my office.

The site says that the mug set isn’t available online anymore and that it’s not available in stores. I didn’t see the set, but I was able to purchase a single mug, so it may be worth checking your local Target.

It’s an 11-oz earthenware mug and it passes the critical test for me: it’s dishwasher safe. It’s also microwave safe.

It feels sturdy enough for average use, but I’m a little afraid that if I accidentally bump the side of it or the handle it on the table, it may break more easily than some of my other coffee mugs would.

I like the way it feels in my handsnot slick (or shiny), but still smooth, like perfectly sculpted clay that hasn’t yet been glazed. Maybe that’s what gives me the feeling it could break more easily. It also adds to its charm.

Photo credit: Target

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