The Healthy Green Drink Diet Book Is Full of Delicious Recipes

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The Healthy Green Drink Diet Book Is Full of Delicious Recipes

The Healthy Green Drink Diet by Jason Manheim isn’t just for beginners, though the first chapter brilliantly lays out the perks of not just “going green” in general, but of many of the different greens available at supermarkets and farmer’s markets everywhere.

You get the breakdown of the health benefits of green drinks and the protein, vitamin, and mineral content for produce like kale, arugula, cabbage, chard, etc.

There’s not much information on the different fruits to add to smoothies, but they aren’t the shining stars of a book about green drinks anyway. There is, however, a look at superfoods you can add to your drinks, like acai berries, aloe vera, and bee pollen.

You get the rundown on what makes these things good for you without pages and pages of information that will overload you.

You get information about blending and juicing and why they’re good for you right before diving into the recipes.

The recipes themselves run a gradient from fruit-heavy smoothies that are good for those weaning off of an overly processed diet, like the Black Melon smoothie that only has two handfuls of spinach along with a lot of fruit, to the ones that you may have to work up to, like the Tom Soy-er with tomatoes as their only fruit in the midst of vegetables.

One of the things I like most about this book is that it doesn’t call for a lot of odd ingredients. Most of them are easily accessible at almost any grocery store. It also has beautiful pictures and doesn’t just say you should make these drinks, but it gives a couple of paragraphs about why each one is a good choice.

It doesn’t read like a textbook, either. The descriptions have enough personality to keep you engaged and make you want to keep flipping through to the following options just to learn more.

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