The Global Game Changers App Is Inspiring and Cute

I downloaded the Global Game Changers app to my iPhone and read it with my daughter. It’s a surprisingly long story for an app (which is a good thing, in my opinion!), and it has an inspirational message: the average child can make a difference in the world.

How empowering, and what a simple concept that often goes overlooked. I love it and I was happy to share it with my daughter.

The story shows two superheroes and a dog recruiting kids to The Global Game Changers because of the good deeds they do that help other people; the ultimate goal is to defeat Krumi, the dark cloud of apathy.

The recruits never realized that the things they were doing were so noteworthy. It ends with Little Big-Heart saying he’s coming for the reader, which could motivate them to go out and do something positive to help someone else, whether it’s standing up to a bully or collecting socks or food for the less fortunate.

I like that you have the option of reading it yourself or having the app read it to you. The words light up as it reads, too, so if your child is just learning to read, that’s a side benefit of the app. One sentence lights up at a time (so it isn’t word-by-word, but still useful).

For fun, you can tap on items on the screen and make them move or make noise throughout the story.

The app is interactive, but since I didn’t know anything about it prior to downloading it, I expected games to be a part of the app itself. Instead, it’s a story with special features, like the ability to make the superheroes fly across the screen, make a section of the theme song start to play, etc.

That’s not too much of a disappointment, though, because there’s more if you go to the Global Game Changers websiteand register (it’s free). There are activities to print out. Kids can share their stories of doing good deeds, earn badges, sign a pledge, and more, complete with the opportunity to earn points and compete with other members.

The price of the app is $4.99 and it works on iPhones and iPads. I think it would be even more fun on an iPad than the iPhone, and then you could immediately follow up with a visit to the website to read and share stories.

I received this app for free to review.

Photo credit: Apple

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