The Enchanted Hair Rapunzel Doll Is a Must for Tangled Fans

I dont know how this doll works, but its so cool. Im as amazed by it as my daughter.

Rapunzel is about the typical Barbie size, and her long blond hair changes color with the help of a wand. You can change sections of the blond to purple, and there are stencil caps that work with the wand to make specific shapes on her hair.

In addition, you can reveal an image on Rapunzels cheek or make Pascals stripes show up. The toy reminds me of the makeup sets where makeup appears and disappears depending on the temperature of the water, but this one doesnt require any water at all.

Thats a huge plus for me because when my daughter plays with those toys, water inevitably ends up all over the floor. It kind of goes with the territory with those types of toys.

You do need three AAA batteries for this toy and they dont come with it. If you dont have AAA batteries lying around at home, that could mean you have to spend a bit more on the toy than the price tag would make you believe at first.

We were lucky enough to find this doll on clearance at Target, so it negated the cost of the batteries by a few bucks.

Aside from having to purchase the batteries separately, I dont have anything negative to say about the toy. She looks just like she did in the movie and her clothing is of the same quality as your average Barbie clothing.

Her hair, though long, isnt especially prone to getting frustratingly tangled. Pascals a cute addition and Im glad he wasnt overlooked.

If you have a Tangled fan of your own, check this doll out.

Photo credit: Toys R Us

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