The Easy Bake Oven Is Fun, but There Is Room for Improvement

I always wanted an Easy Bake Oven when I was little, so when my daughter showed interest in getting one, I was all over it.

I have to say, my childhood dreams were a little shattered once I took a look at it from an adult perspective. She still thinks it’s the most amazing thing ever.

My biggest issue with the Easy Bake Oven is the size of the treats that cost so much to make. You could pour a batch or two of the chocolate chip cookies into a bowl, top them with some milk, and have yourself a bowl of Cookie Crisp cereal.

Considering the size of the oven, that’s to be expected, but I was still really shocked when they came out and she offered me one. The mixes are expensive for what they make ($6.99 to $14.99, depending on the type of kit you want).

You do get a cookie mix and a cupcake mix with icing when you purchase the oven. Other accessories include a baking pan, cupcake pan, pan pusher, and cupcake wraps.

As long as you can plug it up and forget about it for 20 minutes, the fact that it takes so long to heat up isn’t that bad. It only takes about eight minutes to bake the desserts, and since your child won’t be able to forget about those once they’re in there, it’s good that they only take that long to cook.

This is a fun toy for kids, but if you dreamed of having one when you were a child, you may find yourself impatient with the heating time or a little frustrated because the desserts are so tiny (they’re cute, I’ll give them that!).

While older children may be able to use it without such close adult supervision, you’ll have to participate when the younger ones want to bake.

Photo credit: Hasbro

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