The Deluxe Archery Set with Target Helps Hand-Eye Coordination

I ran across this archery set and thought, Wow, I wouldnt be so afraid for my windows if we had this! My daughter has another archery kit, and while she loves it and it goes with her whole Merida costume, Id love to have a target set up instead of, well, the windows (the arrows have suction cups on the ends so thats one place theyll stick) now that shes stronger and has much better aim.

This set is neat because it has four arrows with suction cups on the ends, a bow, a quiver, a target, and a red laser that helps with aim.

I can see that being kind of annoying for parents and cats alike once aiming at the target gets old for the child (or their aim is so good they dont need the laser anymore) and they start pointing it in different directions. In that case, I guess you can just take the batteries out. (By the way, the batteries are actually included with this.)

The bow looks to have a similar setup as my daughters Brave bow, complete with something to rest the far end of the arrow on so its easier to shoot straight.

It looks easy enough for kids around five or six to use, but possibly not much younger than that because they may not have the dexterity or strength necessary to make it work (this set will help improve that, but it takes at least some hand and upper body strength and coordination to get started).

This set is designed for ages six and up, and costs $59.95.

Photo credit: Young Explorers

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