The Creatology Spin Art Kit Provides Hours of Fun

The Creatology Spin Art kit is so fun to use, and its not as loud as you might expect. My daughter loves everything art, and this is no exception. Squirting paint from one of the bottles or smearing it on from one of the tubs with one of the paintbrushes provided in the kit are equally fun to her.

This kit requires batteries (not included), but that means it spins on its own. I think when I was a kid, I had a spin art kit that didnt spin on its own. I cant remember how it worked, but I remember getting frustrated (I think I had to squeeze an air bladder to power it), so this is a serious upgrade.

The six paint colors it comes with (six total colors, though there are six wells and four bottles) are vibrant, not runny, and my daughters been able to create artwork with them that shes proud of.

The paint wells are difficult to open, so be prepared to help and always do it over paper towels or newspapers, because they could spill easily as they open. I like that they have their own spots to set them in because it keeps them from getting knocked over on the table and making a mess.

There are only a few things we could say that might make this a better kit:

More paint colors. Admittedly, it comes with several, but theyre all basic primary and secondary colors and she wouldve liked more variety or other color palettes to choose from, like pastels or neons. I think monochromatics would create some interesting art, but I doubt too many kids would be interested.

Replacing the white paint with something else or adding other colors of paper so it shows up more. She didnt see a huge change in color when she added white to the mix of colors she was using, so she felt that it was kind of useless.

Photo credit: Michaels

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