The Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker Is a Flop

My daughter made such a big deal out of this cake pop maker, that she got it for Christmas. She’s not that disappointed, but I can’t think of any redeeming qualities it has.

First off, right out of the box, there are several little pieces that need to be hand washed before you can use the kit. Usually with toys like this, I’ll throw at least some of the pieces into the dishwasher with my next load. We go off, do something else, and then when the dishes are done, it’s time to play.

Once everything is clean and put together, the nozzle can’t force enough dough into the spheres designed to give the cake pops their shape. The dough is too thick to go all the way to the bottom of each sphere and the nozzle isn’t close enough to force any additional dough in once it reaches the top, despite the empty space at the bottom.

That gives you awkwardly shaped pops that look half-eaten. That’s probably fine in the long run, though, since the texture isn’t right and the taste is nowhere near the taste of the cake pops you can get at bakeries or even Starbucks.

Because they’re misshapen and crumbly, getting the icing on the cake pops is a challenge, and you won’t want to risk moving them around so much that you even bother dipping them in sprinkles (this is the one part that disappointed my daughter) because they won’t stay on the sticks, either.

Once everything’s done, you still have to hand wash everything all over again.

It’s nice that these don’t have to be baked, but it’s one of their downfalls as well. If they had to be baked, the dough might be different, the shape would be correct, and it’d be easier to get the icing and sprinkles on. They might even taste better, too. As it is, it’s a disaster.

Photo credit: Toys R Us

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