The Color Zone Weaving Loom Kit Probably Isnt the Best on the Market, but Tons of Fun!

Oh, this kit brought back so many memories for me. There was a whole summer and probably a good chunk of a school year when I didnt do much more than weave things on my little loom. My daughter decided she wanted to knit recently, and since I dont know how to do that and she cant read well enough to teach herself yet, I got her this kit to keep her happy for now.

The kit comes with 120 loops, a hook, and a loom. The looms not as good as the one I used to have, but it worked well enough. The one I used to have had a notch in each of the posts so you could move the loops up and down and then slide the hook through more easily. It made it less likely that one of the loops would pop off and mess up the whole creation.

Notches, or at least slightly taller posts, would have been nice in this kit, but it was still completely manageable as long as we were careful. My five-year-old daughter had no trouble with it.

The potholders she made were really cute. I wish there had been more colors (and more loops in general) with the kit, but extras arent that expensive (around $3.00 for a bag) and theyre easy enough to pick up when you by the loom. I recommend picking the extras up right off the bat because the 120 in the kit dont last long. The loom kit itself was around $10 at Michaels, if I remember correctly.

This was a fun project for my daughter. If your child is interested in learning to knit or crochet, this may be a fun place to start.

Photo credit: Michaels

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