The Color Your Own Messenger Bag Lets Girls Show Off Their Artistic Talent

I think I’ve found my back-up plan birthday present for little girls I don’t know much about, or girls I know. Little girls love art.

The Cra-Z-Art My Look Color Your Own Messenger Bag kit lets girls show off their artistic talent after it keeps them busy for a while at home. Sometimes it’s on sale for $7.99 at Target, but I’ve seen it for $10.99 and $14.99, too.

Before I knew any better, I bought one at the bookstore for the more expensive price.

The messenger bag is roomy enough for a few small toys and maybe even a small coloring book, and it’s pretty sturdy for a girl’s purse or bag. It’s black and white on the front, with a fun pattern to color in. The side panels come in at least two shades, black and purple. There may be more, but I havent seen any additional colors.

The strap is adjustable, too, so as a girl grows, the strap can adjust to fit her height and she can get more use out of it. My daughter’s five and she loves it; I can imagine girls up to 12 years old really enjoying it.

Five vibrantly colored markers come with the bag along with a warning not to put too much ink in one spot or it may rub off. I like that the black lines are pretty thick, because the ink does spread out on contact with the fabric quite a bit.

It also wards off freak-outs over making a mistake if the child tends to run out of the lines just a bit from time to time on their normal coloring pages. The lines are so thick, it’s easy to stop before an accident happens.

My daughter sat still and concentrated on her bag for quite a while. She was done in two sittings and she loves it for taking other markers and paper into restaurants, for example, so she can stay entertained while waiting for our food.

Photo credit: Target

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